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3/21/14 7:44 P

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I am really discouraged lately. Im not seeing any weight loss on the scale not seeing my clothes fit better. I am only eating 1500 calories a day. I don't drink any soda, and I am exercising. On the other hand my husband is dropping the pounds like crazy and is doing less than me.

It can and will be done.

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1/14/14 10:46 P

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Rooting for yall. Anyone conceived?


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8/6/13 8:54 A

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I've tried several "cutting this or that out" diets for PCOS. But then I fail miserably and gain it all back plus some.

I've done it before, I'll do it again. No pop, calories kept under 1500 daily. 30 minutes of exercise 5-6 days a week.

I try to add vegetables in more often. Fruit is pretty easy. lol.

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7/13/13 10:56 A

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There's a lot of great suggestions here! I've had such a hard time losing weight but I have really cut down on soda and breads recently so I'm hoping to see some good results soon. Gradually I've been trying to add a little more exercise back in my life just need to stick to it. I really need to do this.

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9/27/12 8:38 P

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Since moving to downtown Austin it has been easier than ever before in my life to lose weight. In Austin there are always people jogging and riding bike. For me being surrounded by fit people working out motivates me to do the same. In the area of Austin where I live fast food restaurants are rare. My favorites sonic, taco bell, long john silver. Are a 30 minute drive away. But there are lots of vegan restaurants even a raw vegan place. All which keep me motivated. I have been raw all summer and have lost 40lbs an is easier than ever to keep up eating raw though warm food is tempting now as it gets colder. I don't really dedicate any time to working out but I ride my bike 4-6 hrs a day going to and from work, school and everywhere. I use the spark people strength training when ever I can

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9/3/12 4:39 P

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Hi All,

I just found this board - so glad I did! I am currently doing the Whole30 (recommended by my doc), and am down 20lbs since the end of July (over half of that since I started the program). I'm hoping it keeps up & am (starting today) upping my exercise from 15-20 min walking a day to 30 min +. I am currently heavy & out of shape enough that the walking is pretty much enough - just need a bit more of a challenge! Sounds like some positive results in the group - can't wait to see what happens next.


Steps to becoming a healthier me (for my guys & for myself)
Goal 1: 228.6(10% total body weight lost)
Goal 2: 202(halfway to goal)
Goal 3: 165(smaller than HS graduation)

I absolutely CAN and WILL do this!

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8/30/12 12:07 P

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Hey GIRLS! :) So now that Ive lost weight I can tell you how Im loosing it.....

Im staying between the calorie intake suggested by sparkpeople of 1200-1600cal. With PCOS Ive been told you want to eat lots of veggies, protein, and fiber. I stay away from carbs as much as possible!!! And I dont mind fatty foods as long as their low in calorie. I dont concentrate so much on the fiber as I do the rest. I only eat white meat chicken, fish, turkey. I wish we lived in a world where everyone lived in small villages, you grew your own veggies, and you walked EVERYWHERE. But were re not. So I stay away from processed foods. Even stick my nose up to frozen veggies. When shopping I think NATURAL and FRESH FRESH FRESH! Im still working on eliminating all the processed out of my diet. But Ive gotten rid of alot. Ive been drinking lots of water and glasses of skim milk and tea with SPLENDA. I dont mind OJ but I just prefer my milk. I love pop! This past week Ive had 2 cans. BUT I fit it into my meal plan. Also if I drink a pop I like to either workout right before I eat or sometime after and I add extra workouts to my day. Gotta tell yourself if you want the pop then theirs work to be done!

Now as for working out Ive been doing anywhere from 20-90min a day. Mostly its been 40min. Ive been doing my own research on videos online from sparkpeople and youtube. I like the cardio kickboxing routine on sparkpeople as well as the pilate abs. On youtube Ive found AWESOME workout videos by TIFFANY ROTHE! Check them out! She has a '10 min Booty Shaking Waist Workout- Lose inches off your waist by shaking your hips!' and let me tell ya I was SOOO sore the next day! Best part is I wasnt dying at the end. I felt it right in my waist too! Some other good videos are:

'10 Minute Beautiful Booty Workout with Tiffany Rothe'
'Lean and Lovely Lower Abs Beach Body workout with Tiffany Rothe'
'Lean and lovely Lower Abs Workout part 2 by Tiffany Rothe. Get your abs bikini ready!!'

Then these 2 which I havnt done yet but they look like they really make you work it...
10 Minute Mountain Climber workout, Burn Fat to the Max!
Boxer Babe 10 minute cardio workout with Tiffany Rothe

If a muscle group is to sore to work I modify my workout routine to target those that arent. I also allow myself to get enough SLEEP! If most of my body is super sore I do take a day off from working out. Or just go for a light walk to help with the soreness.

Im not taking any meds to loose weight. My plan is to loose weight the way I described above until I stop loosing weight then Ill up what I do or change my workouts. I just want to shed the lbs before I get to serious in toning my body. Want a nice stomach but a small firm one versus big. I set my goal to loose 47 lbs by my birthday which is end of february. Well Im going to work more towards by xmas. Eventually I want to cleanse my body drinking shakeology and start doing insanity, turbo fire, and p90 workouts.

OK now for the exciting part....

IVE LOST 8LBS MY FIRST WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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8/22/12 2:05 P

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Hey GIRLS! Great job on loosing weight! I just joined this site and and Im on day 2. Have a long ways to go.....

I did want to make a few suggestions on the previous posts...
-Agree on breads being the enemy! I've found that wraps are awesome! They have 90cal wraps with low carbs. Can find them at Walmart. Different flavors. I typically have tuna/turkey with light mayo lettuce and shredded colby jack. Of course put what you want on them. Their really good!

-Since Im going cold turkey on pop I'm drinking tea. Tea packet 0 cal and instead of sugar I'm using SPLENDA. Only because of the 0 cal. I do agree SPLENDA is bad for the body but I need something more than water and milk. So if your OK with using SPLENDA go for it. It makes coping with your new lifestyle a little easier.

I tend to go thru phases with my weight loss. Some last more than a wk but most a few days or few weeks. Then I get depressed and rebel. Good thing is Ive noticed as life goes on the phases of rebellion dont last as long and Im right back to it. Right now Im 247lbs. Will let you know when its been a week how much I loose!

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7/31/12 7:41 P

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Great ideas ladies!

Failure is Not an Option!

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7/17/12 1:09 P

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Wow! 24 lbs! Way to go :) You can do it!


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2/22/12 4:36 P

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That's great Libby! Keep up the good work!

I'm watching what I eat, portion wise mostly, and I'm limiting certain things (dairy, bread, and sweets) but still allowing them so that I don't feel deprived. I'm also doing Turbo Jam exercises every day now...last week I did the Learn & Burn workout (15 minutes) for a week and for the next two weeks I'm going to do the 20-Minute workout then I'll move onto on of the 40 minute workouts (I have a few to choose from so I haven't decided yet). And I'm making a true effort to getting my 8 glasses of water a far I'm doing alright, I not happy if I only get in 4 but I consider 6 acceptable though 8 is always my goal (sometimes I forget though until noon and then don't manage it).

I originally wanted to have at least a one-day break from working out but I've done that twice now and both days were horrible - I felt like I bounced between really angry and totally depressed all of both days so now I make sure that I just do a shorter workout at least once a week and that's my "day off". I'm trying to weigh in at least once a week to keep my goal in mind. Right now my goal is to lose at least 1.5lbs by February 29th - leaving me with only 26lbs to lose to get my BMI under 38 and a total of 90lbs to lose overall.

To help me feel like I'm seeing results I use a reward system for each 5lbs lost I get a specific reward (see my signature) - for example I only have 1lb to lose before I can claim my next reward and the date for the girl's night is set so I just need to make sure I lose that 1lb. I also like to breakdown my weight loss goal into manageable chunks so that I don't feel overwhelmed by how much I have to lose - hence my 1.5lb mini-goal by Feb 29. I keep a constantly changing mini-goal which = what I want to lose each week. I also set up 3 specific goals to work on that week (for example, I am cutting my daily tea intake to 3 cups a day, my milk intake to 1 cup a day and focusing on my water intake - once I achieve those they'll either change to completely new goals or get edited (I want my tea intake to go down to 1/daily ultimately). I also keep a short-term goal (that goal is losing 26lbs to get my BMI at 38) and a long-term goal (which is currently a total of 91lbs to reach a goal weight of 150lbs). Ideally I'd like to reach my long-term goal by the end of 2012 but sparkpeople says I'd have to lose just over 2lbs per week so they won't let me set it as my goal right now. That also means 9lbs per month...which, with PCOS and hypothyroid I am not sure is even possible though I will certainly try; to which, I also have a monthly goal to lose between 5-9lbs per month - 5 is a must, 6 is preferable and 8 or 9 would make me ecstatic since that would bring me closer to my long-term goal.

For me, breaking it down like above is what keeps it feeling attainable - especially if I consistently achieve success with my weekly mini-goals. I think, as I don't have any sort of event or vacation that I'm trying to lose weight for (well, other than for TTC purposes) I feel I need the extra push and it suits my organized planner personality. Chaos/lack of control makes me stressed though my husband doesn't get that at all. :D

Good luck everybody! :D

5 lbs A LUSH bathbomb! DONE
10 lbs New Shoes! DONE
15 lbs New Outfit! DONE
20 lbs Girls Night Out! DONE
25 lbs - New Wii Game! DONE
30 lbs - New Outfit!
35 lbs - Host Game/Movie Night!
40 lbs - Mani/Pedi!
45 lbs - New Outfit!
50 lbs - Date Night with DH!

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2/6/12 1:48 P

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Number one thing cut out the pop i know it is hard but cut it out all together, Number two bread just think of bread as the devil. I had to cut that out recently. Number three this is what am doing now because i have hit a Plato in my weight loss doing portion control. And the last and most important get up and move i have a wii so they have good fitness games out there that i can do. It is very hard for us with pcos to lose weight so i will be doing 30 min. very day i will do mine in then evening. Here is a good suggestion i got if you can't handle the full 30 min. at one time then do 10 min. in the morning then do 10 min. in the afternoon then do 10 min. in the evening. I just started this so we will see. Before i started this sparkpeople i weighed 196 pounds. Then i got really sick and lost weight down to 187 then i came on here because i was sick of seeing those numbers so i cut out my pop plus eating a little better and walking a little it got me down to 178 pounds. It come off slow for us but wroth it. Now i have cut out pop for 2 months but had one yesterday. But now trying to cut out bread this is my first day of doing this. And eating small portions. So i will keep you updated of how it is going. I have to lose this weight my best friend is having a wedding in los vegas plus it is mine and my husbands mini honeymoon since we did not get one.

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