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4/5/11 8:37 A

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For me, today is my 1 year anniversary. I created my account prior to Easter, but the first day I logged in and got serious about being healthy using Sparkpeople was 4/6/10. I lost about 45 pounds before I got pregnant last fall. I've been keeping my weight gain under control during pregnancy and feel I'll likely be somewhere between 45 and 60 pounds below my 4/6/10 weight after I deliver in June. I'll still have quite a bit of weight loss work to do after that, but I'm confident I can stick with this lifestyle.

I find it ironic that I actually miss being able to exercise hard and participate in team challenges while I'm pregnant. I see that as a good sign.

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4/4/11 9:57 A

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One year seems hard to believe! My weight is still yo-yo'ing n my 165-170 plateau, but at this point in my healthy lifestyle journey I feel so much better equipped to deal with it. I've become a believer in the nutrition tracker, and learned to push myself beyond what I thought I could do physically. Consistency is still a major factor for me, and that includes fighting that emotional eating beast on a daily basis. Some days are better than others, but I've learned to be more positive about my challenges and view the outcomes as learning experiences rather than failures. I'm looking forward to busting this plateau in the coming year and getting into single digit jeans! Good luck everyone!!!! emoticon


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4/2/11 1:51 P

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It can't be a year. Already?!? I think I am a slow and steady type. I have made changes in eating and portion sizes, and have had loads of fun trying recipes and different ways to exercise. Got down 10#, back up a little, but on the way again. No matter where I am or how I am feeling, I can count on SP for support.
For me, interval training is what seems to work. My body needs the change and stressor to respond.
Keepin' on...
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Good for all of us! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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4/1/11 11:26 A

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Hey there Busy Bugs

I have been fairly consistent on SP and the result is a much healthier diet and the ability to run 3 or 4 miles and actually enjoy it!

Dipping in and out of articles has kept me motivated and spinning the wheel and chatting to friends has made it fun.

Lets raise our glasses to all we have accomplished and all we are going to accomplish in this new year.

Cheers! emoticon

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3/31/11 7:41 A

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Yesterday was one year for me. I celebrated a bit by visiting some of my fellow red bugs and spreading some goodies. I couldn't do much-it was a long work day, but I'll get more visiting in today.

I'm also going to spend some time today trying to spark a few friends. One is already on SP, but has been pretty discouraged this year. She's my best friend and just found out she has a form of sleep apnea and is getting fitted for a cpap. That might be just what she needs to get her body to cooperate!

My fiance is number 2...he is an amazing man, but I'm afraid I'm going to lose him because of his weight. He just got permission from his doctor to do some walking, so I'm going to see what I can do to get him to join up here.

Number 3 is a friend who has struggled a long time with her weight. She just had a gastric bypass done and I think she might be able to use some of the support systems available here.

It has been a LONG year. The end result is that I'm down about 20 pounds. I was down 35 last June, but I've been holding steady since November. I'm looking for that amazing motivation I found last spring. One big push this year and I could be at my goal weight!

I'm going to try some different things this year to shake things up a bit. I'm shooting for one blog a week, with photos when I can. I'm going back to logging my food. Exercise is easy for me, but my eating has gotten out of control. It's mostly healthy food, but I eat too much of it!

Best of luck, everyone, in year TWO!

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3/30/11 1:44 P

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For me, it's one year tomorrow. It hasn't been a perfect year... I was very on-again, off-again. Had I stayed "on", I'd be at goal weight now, just working on maintaining healthy exercise and eating habits, but due to all the "off", I'm essentially where I started out. Down 8 lbs, which kind of makes me sad to realize. But, I'm on-again, and with my husband's help, trying to stay on! I'd like to bring in the New Year at goal weight, which would mean losing about 5 lbs a month for the rest of the year. Totally reasonable goal.

Here's to a great 2nd year, everyone!


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3/30/11 10:26 A

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Wow- it's hard to believe it's been a full year! I've been pretty faithfully logging my food over the course of the past year and I'm down about 85 lbs. I have more work to do, but I feel like a new person. More energy, more living in my life and a willingness to do things I wouldn't have tried before. Spark has been such a critical tool on this journey!

For those of you who are struggling or starting over - you can do this! One of my favorite quotes is this one:

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time. - Thomas A. Edison

Good luck Busy Bugs!

For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you a hope and a future.

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3/30/11 8:22 A

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Hey fellow Busy Bugs! I joined Spark on Apr 1, 2010. During this time I have actually made it to goal, then slightly back up again - I am still managing an almost 5 pound loss so I feel like I have accomplished something. The thing I learned the most throughout my Spark Journey was how to eat right, and keep motivated, even through some very difficult challenges over the past six months. I am currently reading a great book on Nutrition that I highly recommend - 10 Steps to Eating Healthy by Leslie Beck - registered dietician. Also, I have finally stopped procrastinating and started exercising regularly just this week - on my Sparkaversary! Let's all keep up the great work and keep motivated, no matter what challenges life throws our way! emoticon emoticon

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3/29/11 9:12 P

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Wow 1 year it is hard to believe. I first logged onto spark march 31 2010. The only time I missed sparking was when I was out of town and didnot have access to a computer. I only have a pay as you go cell phone so no sparking on it. You can visit my spark page to see how I did over the year. The thing is not to treat or see it as a diet which can be hard especially when your goal is to lose weight. But if you worry and concentrate on calories or how much you exercised that day or didnt exercise that day you feel frustratated and just want to quit. But if you just concentrate on eating healthy with foods you like, and doing whatever exercising works for you and what you enjoy doing. Well then before you know it there is success and because you like doing it and like the food your eating your going to stick to it. No one is going to stick to what they dont like and if they do as soon as the weight is gone its back to eating whatever and back comes the weight. So a very Happy Spark-A-Versary to you all emoticon

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3/29/11 6:59 P

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Happy Anniversary fellow Busy-Bugs!! I, too, can't believe it's been a year already...
I'm back on the site this week with renewed motivation...last year I stuck with the program for 7 months and lost 34 pounds, more than I had even set as my initial goal. But, as the Winter Holidays came closer, I started eating anything and everything I wanted, and didn't seem to make it to the gym much over the winter either. The results should have come as no surprise to me - I gained back 14 of those pounds, which I am now determined to lose again.
Good luck to all of you in your weight loss and health goals...we're all in this together!


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3/29/11 6:08 P

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I too joined Spark about a year ago, and to my surprise lasted for a good solid 2 months and even lost a chunck of weight - however due to my own stupidity I am right back to square one and even in the hole a few pounds. I am bound and determined to make it work this time - my life depends on it. I can use all the motivation you can send my way and will give as much back as I can... WE CAN DO THIS!! If I have learned anything in this past year it is that I AM MY OWN WORST ENEMY - and THE ONLY THING STANDING IN MY WAY TO SUCCESS IS ME.... Happy Anniversary Sparkies!

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3/29/11 5:54 P

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One year ago I joined sparkppl. I only lasted maybe a couple of months. Today,I decided to come back not realizing that this would be the anniversary. I'm about 4lbs heavier than i was last year, not bad but still not good. i got to get this weight off of me and I will not be detered by anything or anyone..not even myself.



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3/28/11 12:31 P

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Doesn't seem like a year yet that the Bugs started. I still think of you all and wish you all the very best. My team the Pain Into Gain group is growing beyond my wildest dreams and I've also made some dear friends there. I'm still struggling to lose right now; I lose 3-4 pounds, get to feeling cocky and don't log in what I eat. Then, of course, I gain that amount back. Still under 200 pounds which was my first really big goal. Working hard to get off the Pepsi. Goal is to be Pepsi free by the end of April 2011. Just felt like sharing with all my old Bug friends. Hugs to you all.

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3/28/11 4:39 A

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Aw, thanks - but no, you ;)

Happy Sparkiversary, everybody!

Been thinking about good ways to celebrate. Posting here is one of them!!!

I also thought of a challenge for the week - to try something NEW on! So, we're going to award a goodie for everyone who makes their first BLOG POST between today and Sunday. Share your successes or setbacks, or just what you're doing today to celebrate your Sparkiversary.

For those who have already blogged or blog regularly, keep an eye out for a separate thread.

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Blessings, Michelle

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3/28/11 3:10 A

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I can't believe how fast time goes. It doesn't seem like it's been a year since I joined SparkPeople. Even though I have not lost nearly what I wanted to lose, should've and could've lost at least I lost. At the rate I was going before SparkPeople I was gaining about a pound and a half a month.

Now after SparkPeople I've lost about 1-1/4 pound a month, which as I said was low but I look at it as at least the scale went down and I'm still here! When I look at my friends list so many people haven't checked in in days, weeks or months even. I hope that they found a source to help them get healthier and that they are being successful without SparkPeople.

But now onto the new year and I'm going to be more aggressive and actually follow a diet plan and increase the exercise. So I hope you all will continue on this journey with me!

The best part of the past year on SparkPeople is meeting so many supportive people! You all are awesome and Michelle you are the best!
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