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1/20/13 9:33 A

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my work is sedentary, glued to a computer, but i try to take "clear my head" breaks which involve a brief walk - as required for the job.

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1/20/13 12:04 A

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Elvira, you could add me to your page, lol! I'm also a finance person who really struggles with finding ways to get in steps during the day (although I don't work your hours!).

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1/19/13 10:52 P

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I have the swiss ball in a stand for my chair at work, love it. I did have to move my keyboard to a drawer under the desk rather than on it, but my back and legs are much happier. I do get ''steps" in by gently bouncing when I don't have someone in my office, but even shifting around will count as activity if not steps. So perhaps now, you should take a look at your 'Time Active' number and try to get the Sedentary portion lower, anything you can do is progress :)
Love the idea of Walking Meetings!

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1/19/13 8:31 P

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ELVIRA882, emoticon to the team. I walk during my 2-15 minute breaks and then again during my 30 minute lunch break. Eat my lunch at my desk, knowing that I will get interrupted. I also will stand and walk in place while reading emails or on the phone (I put them on speaker phone and close my office door. I am an empty nester, so I walk all evening while the TV is on, I walk in place or make a circuit around my house (I probably listen more than watch TV). Hope all these ideas help you. emoticon

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1/19/13 7:26 P

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Thanks Gordon and Raul - really appreciate the ideas and support. The pacing is really intriguing - I have a headset and often get "stuck" on conference calls, where I just end up multi-tasking (clearing emails etc.). However, if I paced around my office, I'd probably be more engaged in the call (i.e. get more out of it) AND get more steps in - I'll have to confirm the range on my headset - great idea !

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1/19/13 4:29 P

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One thing that wasn't mentioned that helps me get in steps is pacing. Become a pacer—any time you can get away with it, pace around instead of sitting or standing while waiting. In waiting rooms, if you're the only person waiting in a line, whatever. It adds up and can help.

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1/19/13 3:40 P

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The walking in place idea is a great idea for those busy days. And don't get discouraged with your ranking on the FB site. I use to be ranked first on my page but I have added a lot of high steppers to my page; consequently I am now usually ranked 7th through 10th. Nevertheless I have actually become more motivated to get my steps in and, at the very least, keep my current ranking. Like the saying goes, I view my glass as being half full instead of half empty.
Besides you have really made efforts to increase your steps so this is awesome and you should be proud of that.

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1/19/13 3:05 P

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Great ideas - generally what I am doing now is the walking around the office at lunch, and going up and down the stairs as much as possible (2 floor bldg) Since I oversee the finance team so one of my issues has been heading out for a walk at lunch and then my phone rings due to something urgent (approvals etc.), requiring me to rush back. I downloaded an app so I an approve urgent payments on my mobile which should help.

I have considered having one-on-one meetings or even some of our smaller group meetings as "walking meetings" since we have a very nice hiking area nearby - best for brainstorming type meetings, as opposed to more formal status update type meetings. As a beta I tried to schedule these a couple of times since the beginning of the year but then we had a deadline or something that kept us in the office.

Since it is a financial institution, they are a little conservative, so doing exercises in my office would be viewed as a bit strange I suspect. The swiss ball idea is a good one, although I have some ergonomic issues so need to make sure I am at the right height. Will look into that.

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1/19/13 2:57 P

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What you could try is marching in place, which is bigger exercise than walking. I would do that at my lunch hour. Or if you're really friendly with your boss and coworkers, you could sit on an exercise ball in your office or cubicle. On strength training days, if you have your own office or a lounge, you can do your situps there. As long as you mention to your coworkers that you are working out on your break, it won't look weird.

You might want to add a guided hypnosis on your mobile to relax.

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1/19/13 2:39 P
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some times it's like that

can you park further away in the parking lot to get those extra steps in. Perhaps get to work about 30 minutes and just walk about outside for a bit and also try to get some steps in on your lunch break. Walk around your working area when you go to the rest room to get some extra steps in Do you have stairs in your building climb them a few days a day for a short workout

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1/19/13 2:22 P

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All, I'm in finance at a VC in the silicon valley (Palo Alto, CA) - we work crazy hours most week days 9 am until 9 pm, and at this time of year that goes straight until March. This week I actually had two days where I worked past midnight; for the most part my weekends are my own. I got my FB late last fall, hoping it would help me make time for more exercise.

I was feeling pretty good about FB and the feedback program, since it motivated me to go down to the first floor for rest room breaks, park further away, walk rather than drive at lunch, to get my steps up. But even so, since I'm at my desk most of the day either reviewing or crunching numbers, I consider it a "good" day if I even get in 5,000 steps per day mid-week. I try to "make up for it" on the weekends by getting in 90-120 minutes of exercise, even if its a long walk, but usually consists of at least one hour at the gym (cardio/weights) plus walks with my hubby. Given my schedule its the only opportunity I seem to have to enjoy the N. California weather ! So my weekly average ends up being under 50,000 steps rather than the 70,000 target.

I added a bunch of folks on this team to my fitbit community, and saw today that I'm ranked nearly last of the entire group, which is having a reverse effect than I had hoped (bumming me out, rather than motivating me). Any suggestions ? Should I cut back on my expectations during this busy time and simply do my best ? Or should I get more creative ?

Thanks in advance so much for your advice and responses !

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