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2/12/13 8:01 A

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I had the same problem when I used to be strict about dieting, I had to really rethink my calorie requirements. I calculated my BMR and daily calorie needs using this page:

I found that I was really underestimating how many calories I needed based on my exercise frequency and lifestyle. You won't build muscle if you don't eat enough calories, the protein will go towards being used for energy. Once I upped my calories to a more reasonable range [average 1500-1800 a day for me, this was when I was cycling, swimming, and jogging a few times a week], I started dropping weight like crazy. I also made sure I ate regularly, and I would eat more on the days I was active, then eat less on the days I was loafing around. If I went for a 25 mile bike ride, or a 15 mile hike, I would eat about 2500-3000 calories, then on a day with normal exercise, say 10 miles on the bike or a long walk, I'd eat about 1800, then if I was sitting all day with no exercise I'd only eat 1300 calories-ish. I hope that isn't too complicated, I find that being too strict makes me miserable, I just listen to my body and make sure I'm not pushing myself too hard.

Don't starve yourself, it's super bad for your brain, heart, muscles, bones, everything. It sounds like your diet is good, so just make sure your calories are in a healthy range!:)

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1/30/13 12:37 P

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It does sound like you're not eating enough! You may want to try calorie zig zagging, which is on you intense workout days, eat toward the high end of your calorie intake. On your rest days, eat toward the low end of your calorie intake. Also, you may want to start eating 5-6 small meals within 2-3 hours of one another. When I ate like this, I definitely lost weight. When I didn't, I either plateaued or gained weight. Also, make sure you're tracking everything you eat. Those little snacks count as calories. For example, you know some places have trial samples out and you end up trying something. You should count those calories. So, try to do the above things and see if the scale moves in the opposite direction.

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1/28/13 12:00 P

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How long have you been dealing with the plateau?

Everyone is mentioning calories and it is very possible that you are not eating enough given your output. SP will actually send up a warning depending on your calories you are burning and how much you are eating.

The other item may be it may be time to change the exercise routine up if you've been doing that a while and finally maybe you need to take some down time or rest. Resting may help recover your body and bust the plateau.

Good luck and keep us informed.

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1/28/13 10:13 A

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Don't get discouraged. Like everyone else while I read your post I thought maybe you aren't eating enough calories. Try tracking here if you haven't already and see what the trackers tell you. Sounds like you eat the right things and your getting in good burns. Don't give up!!

Good luck and join us any time!!

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1/27/13 4:20 P

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It sounds like you may not be eating enough calories for the amount of working out you are doing. Track and see how many calories you are taking in compared to how many calories you are burning during your workouts. If you are a member at a gym, you might see if they have a personal trainer that can help you as well.

Eating too few calories can and will cause you to gain weight because your body goes into starvation mode. We had a member a while back who met with a personal trainer after months of not losing and found that she would either have to eat more or cut back on her workouts. She chose to cut back on her workouts and she started losing weight immediately.

Good luck and join us on Lets Talk so we can help and support you.

Cindy, Missouri

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1/27/13 12:17 P

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Don't give up!! Like someone said,m maybe you need to up your calories a couple hundred. It could be that your body is where it should be for it's height and is in starvation mode(holds onto food instead of burning it). You can trick it into burning more by eating more. It sounds like you are doing everything right, keep that up!! Do measure your inches? I don't but people say it works. My Hubby tells me I look thinner, but I'm losing a lot of weight. Is there a lot of salt in your diet? that'll hold water in your body. I wish you the best of luck!!! emoticon

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1/27/13 9:16 A

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It sounds like your diet and fitness are great! I'd track your food and make sure everything is where you think it is [if you don't already]. I also found that when I upped my calorie intake by like 200 calories I ended up dropping MORE weight FASTER. Maybe this is something you should try and see how it works for you.

And remember, everyone is different and losses differently. You might've hit a plateau [which I hit a week ago]. In that case, just keep pushing and eventually you'll get through it.

Best of luck!!

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1/27/13 7:29 A

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Hi, by chance do you track everything into Spark people when it comes to your nutrition and workouts. Maybe you are already starving yourself because it risky sounds like you are getting in really good calorie burns. If you update your fitness minutes and calories burned, Spark people automatically will change your nutritional range. What ever you do, do not give up! You deserve to be happy and e can help. Stop by our Let's Talk thread to get some more advise and motivation from the team. emoticon

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1/27/13 6:41 A

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I'm growing disheartened.

I am normally so motivated to do this but as of late I'm not getting any result. I go to the gym at least twice - thrice a week working out hard for over an hour. I eat fruit, berries, eggs, salmon, salads. I don't touch chocolate and cake and alcohol. I do all the right things. And yet. The scale either says I've not lost anything, or that I've put on a pound or two. Somewhere I'm not doing the right thing.

Obvious answer is to change my diet, but what more can I do. If I cut back on any more food or change anything, I'll be starving myself in an unhealthy manner, and I'm already eating little. I'm snacking on apples and blueberries, I rarely touch bread, I live mostly on tea. My body is in pain most of the week due to the aerobics, and cardio and sometimes weight lifting I do (and it's not enough for that to make a difference). I try an be healthy. Because I work out I try and make sure I get a fair amount of chicken or turkey breast or boiled eggs, but now I'm sitting wondering what the heck am I missing.

Thinner friends of mine show me what they eat, they eat more than me and then brag about how they've lost another pound or two that week. While I'm not comparing myself to them it is a slap in the face.

It just feel like a cruel joke.
I make the effort, I eat the right things, and no result. And I'm not that thin.

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