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5/30/07 7:42 P

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LOL! Number 16 says "Rather than eat 5 chocolate chip cookies, savor and enjoy the taste of just 2, chewing them more slowly"

Problem is...if 2 are so darn good, 5 would be better!

I'm kidding - eating slower is a great tip. You'll feel fuller after eating less. :o)

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5/30/07 11:48 A

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These are some good tips. I've also read that people who drink "doctored" coffee can save a lot of calories by switching to black. Also ordering lattes and such with skim milk instead of 2% (or whatever is typical).
Again, thanks for the good tips!

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5/30/07 5:56 A

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Thanx for info, will sure have a 100 cal less in my days counting.

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5/29/07 12:47 P

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Darn, I already do most of those things! lol

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5/27/07 7:12 A

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Great suggestions....and a reminder that it only takes small changes to make a big difference in the grand scheme of things. The healthy substitutions you suggest are great for weight loss as well as improving health. Everyone loves a Snickers, or something akin to it, sometimes but too much of a good thing can be disasterous, LOL.
Thanks for sharing!

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5/26/07 10:58 P

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This is great. Thanks

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5/26/07 9:53 P

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thanks, this is really helpful!

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5/26/07 9:27 P

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If you’re concerned about weight loss, don’t be. Losing weight may be easier than you think.
In fact, you don’t even have to “go on a diet.” It can be as simple as ordering your Quarter Pounder without cheese, or eating a regular taco instead of a super taco. You simply need to take a closer look at what and how much you eat, and then decide where you are willing to make adjustments.

For example, to lose one pound of fat each month, all you need to do is cut 100 calories a day from the foods you eat. That’s because a pound of body fat is equal to 3,500 calories. So, if you cut 100 calories a day for 31 days, you are reducing your food intake by 3,100 calories--or about one pound. While this may appear to be a slow approach, the good news is that it does not require any drastic dietary changes. Furthermore, there is a large body of evidence which suggests that people who lose weight slowly are more likely to keep that weight off. Remember, in the long run it`s the small changes we make every single day that make a big difference! Read on to discover 31 ways to easily cut 100 calories a day.

1. Replace 1 cup of chocolate ice cream with 2/3 cup of non-fat chocolate frozen yogurt.

2. Order a sandwich on whole-wheat bread instead of a croissant.

3. Dip your chips in ½ cup of salsa instead of ½ cup of guacamole.

4. Use 1 Tablespoon of mayonnaise in your tuna salad instead of 2 Tablespoons.

5. “Hold” the tartar sauce on your fish and, instead, add a squeeze of lemon.

6. Use 1 cup of marinara sauce on your pasta instead of ½ cup of Alfredo sauce.

7. Instead of ½ cup of peaches canned in heavy syrup, substitute ½ cup of peaches canned in water. Even better, eat a small whole fresh peach.

8. Replace 2 fried-chicken drumsticks with 2 roasted drumsticks and a cup of veggies.

9. Instead of topping your salad with 1 ounce of croutons, add ½ cup of chopped celery.

10. Reduce the portion size of your steak to 3 ounces, which is approximately the size of a deck of playing cards.

11. Reduce the peanut butter on a peanut butter sandwich from 2 Tablespoons to 1 Tablespoon.

12. Pass on the second helping of mashed potatoes.

13. Snack on papaya cubes with a squeeze of lime, instead of eating a bag of M&Ms.

14. When dining in an Italian restaurant, eat a large breadstick instead of a slice of garlic bread.

15. Lighten your 2 cups of coffee or tea with 2 Tablespoons of evaporated nonfat milk, instead of 2 Tablespoons of half-and-half.

16. Rather than eat 5 chocolate chip cookies, savor and enjoy the taste of just 2, chewing them more slowly.

17. Replace 3 ounces of beef in a stir fry with 3 ounces of scallops or shrimp.

18. Enjoy 3 grilled prawns with cocktail sauce, instead of eating 3 breaded and fried shrimp.

19. Snack on 2 ounces of oven-baked potato chips instead of regular potato chips that are fried.

20. Order 2 slices of cheese pizza instead of 2 slices of pepperoni pizza.

21. Split a breakfast Danish with a friend rather than eating the entire thing yourself.

22. Replace 1 cup of fruit punch with 1 cup of sparkling water mixed with 2 Tablespoons of fruit juice concentrate.

23. Snack on an orange and a banana instead of a Snickers candy bar.

24. Try eating 2 poached eggs instead of 2 fried eggs.

25. Replace 1 cup of whole milk with ½ cup non-fat milk instead.

26. Eat 1 cup of unsweetened applesauce instead of 1 cup of sweetened applesauce.

27. Steam your vegetables instead of sautéing them in 1 Tablespoon of butter or vegetable oil.

28. Try substituting fruit-flavored sparkling water in place of 5 ounces of wine.

29. Use ½ cup of dried fruit in place of 9 caramels, as a quick snack.

30. Use 3 slices of Light & Lean Canadian bacon instead of 3 slices of regular bacon.

31. Instead of 3 Tablespoons of strawberry topping on your ice cream, use instead approximately 5 to 8 fresh strawberries.

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