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TOPIC:   Correct form on Insanity activitys? 

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REALTORONABIKE's Photo Posts: 176
12/17/11 9:31 P

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I'm a cyclist and a Zumba instructor and my quads killed me for almost the whole first month! I think it is just heavy use day after day and my body wasn't used to that kind of pounding. Same with my calves. I had never had sore legs before doing INsanity.

 current weight: 152.0 

SparkPoints: (2,403)
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Posts: 4
11/28/11 2:22 P

DIVARTY's SparkPage
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Awesome, thanks for the video and the pointers, watching it showed me where I'm going off track, my knees come too far forward, when my butt goes out that far it feels a little off balance but I'm guessing that will just take an adjustment period. I've done a lot of running in the last year, I finished a marathon so my quads are in decent shape, but not doing the squats right is driving them to be the primary carrier of my weight which burns them out fairly fast.

SparkPoints: (546)
Fitness Minutes: (264)
Posts: 28
11/28/11 9:02 A

AHIGASHI's SparkPage
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make sure that your back is straight, you butt is back, and your knees never come in front of your ankles. essentially, when you are down, you should look like you are sitting in a chair.

Here's a youtube video I found showing how this morning.

also - most people don't use their quads much from day to day. So if you weren't previously a runner, it is normal for your quads to be extremely sore for a few weeks.

Just a doctor in training who loves to sip tea, drink shakeology, read, knit, crochet, and exercise!

SparkPoints: (2,403)
Fitness Minutes: (2,565)
Posts: 4
11/27/11 4:16 P

DIVARTY's SparkPage
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I'm not sure if I have the correct form on the squats and all the lower body work, it feels like everyday is a torture my quads day, my calves get used quite a bit but in general the front of my legs are on fire without much use from my glutes or hamstrings. Anyone else have this problem or any suggestions or tips to look at to make sure I'm using correct form?

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