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8/1/12 9:20 P

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I am so sorry for your loss of Miss Kitty. 17 is a pretty good age and it sounds like you did all that you could. Your parents would be proud of you.

My Simon went a year ago -- he also started loosing weight. I was on EI at the time so I put the vet bill on a credit card but a month later he was so frail and his kidneys had failed to the point of exhaustion. So even if you had the money for a vet, chances are it may have only prolonged her suffering. At least now she is safe, happy with your parents and free of pain.

I feel your sadness. Bless you.....


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8/1/12 10:07 A

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I am so sorry for you loss of Miss Kitty. It is so sad when our babies die. You did everything you could for her and I know your father would be happy that you gave her a good life. She is in heaven with your father and mother and happy there. God bless you. May god wrap his comforting arms around you in your time of sorrow.

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8/1/12 8:55 A

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I am sorry for you loss of Miss Kitty. You kept your promise to you Dad. You did all that you could. Miss Kitty was loved and taken care of. She is now with your Mom and Dad. And is waiting around the Rainbow bridge to unite with you once again. Take it easy and do not blame yourself. emoticon


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8/1/12 12:21 A

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My heart goes out to you on the loss of Miss Kitty. Please be kind to yourself. It was not your fault. At 17 and with her getting so thin it sounds like kidney failure which is what my 22 year old Taffy died in my arms from. There really was nothing else to do but keep her comfortable. Miss Kitty lived a good long life and she went over the rainbow Bridge quickly. You gave her a wonderful life. Remember, You will see her again one day. emoticon

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7/31/12 10:44 P

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I am so sorry for your loss of Miss Kitty. It sounds like she was well loved and you did all you were able to do for her. I am sure your mom and dad would approve. She is reunited with them and is suffering no more.

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7/31/12 10:42 P

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I, too, am so sorry for your loss of Miss Kitty. Sounds like she had a good life with you and you did all you could for her. Not all of us have the money for expensive vet care but we do the best we can. She lived a good long life and is enjoying being with your Mom and Dad at the Rainbow Bridge.

Hugs to you, I certainly know what you are going through.

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7/31/12 9:37 P

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I'm so sorry for your loss. It sounds like Miss Kitty was well loved and even if you couldn't afford the vet she had you with her and now she is without pain and loved on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.

Her symptoms sound very much like what happened to my furry friend Blue and it was his thyroid. Unfortunately he passed away only a few months after getting the diagnosis. He passed away at home as well and I know what you are feeling.

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7/31/12 9:25 P

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I am so sorry about Miss Kitty. She is up there right now with your mom and dad. No more Pain. 17 is a long life for our furry babies. She sounds like she had a great life. RIP Miss Kitty. Rest easy!

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7/31/12 8:38 P

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Miss Kitty died last Tuesday morning. We had no money to take her to the vet. emoticon I am disabled and we had seven cats to feed and take care of. Four cats came to us through a "friend" who begged me to watch her cats for a couple of months until she found a place where she could have them. She gave me a bag of food and a bag of litter and I never heard from her again. But Miss Kitty was not one of those cats, whom we have taken into our hearts, she was my father's cat. She looked angorian, with her semi-long silky white fur and beautiful blue eyes. My father died in '98, and I promised I would take care of her and mom. My mom got very attached to the lonely white cat who slept with her every night. My mom died in 2000. I figured out something was wrong with Miss about six months ago. She grew thinner and thinner although her appetite never waned. She was unable to sit up and eat last Monday (23rd) so I purchase some ham baby food with my food stamps and feed it to her with a spoon.
I feel so guilty and ashamed that I was not able to keep my promise to my father and take her to the vet right away when she got sick. She was seventeen. But she should have lived longer.
Goodbye Miss Kitty, I know you are happier now reunited with my father and mother. Please forgive me.

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