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10/23/09 6:59 A

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So have you tried removing gluten?

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10/14/09 10:38 P

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That's all I meant CAH. I've got a background in health and science as well including a couple of Post Grad Diplomas in Clinical and Orthomolecular Nutrition and it's amazing how theories that we once considered concrete are now disproven or we learn more about a process to such an extent that our earlier understanding appears so simplified as to be practically incorrect. It's rather unsettling actually, when you are taught one thing at Uni and 20 years later it's essentially wrong. It's an interesting time to be alive though - science is making such phenomenal progress all the time.

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10/14/09 5:26 P

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Okay well, everyone is different that's true, but from what I've read, researched, and learned as a Registered Dietitian, you should get 130g CHO/day for proper brain fxn. The research could be wrong though. Science is ever-changing.

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10/12/09 12:49 A

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Hi LadyBruina,

I have heard something similar - that a higher percentage of women with PCOS have gluten intolerance compared to the general population and that PCOS often responds well to a reduction in gluten intake.

Personally I don't think I'd put a great deal of stock in the opinion of someone who charge $2500 for a first visit - that seems like daylight robbery and I would question their motives.

Good on you for having the perseverance to stick to such a diet - that must be hard! I try and keep my carbs around the 60 g a day mark, though somedays I do more like 20g. I haven't noticed any decrease in brain function compared to either days when I am closer to 150 g vs 60g or even 20g and my brain gets a good workout - more often than not it's knee deep (if brains had knees) in post-doc research papers, scientific journal articles etc. I really don't know about those kind of quotes (the brain NEEDS 135g CHO a day to function properly). Everyone is different. Women with PCOS obviously have severe metabolic dyscrasias so it's possible that we may be an exception to the rule.

Come to think of it - my brain tends to work better on the lower carb days. Often after a carb meal (50g or so from veges only and no potatoes in that either) I feel really lethargic and sleepy and have a lot more trouble focusing.

The brain is 60% fat - fatty acids. Who knows what we will find out in the future about what the brain needs to function optimally?

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I have a website with loads of PCOS info Please stop by!

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10/10/09 1:49 A

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Less than 20 g carbs per day is scary! That's so low! Our brains need 130 g/day just to function properly! Just a tidbit. :)

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8/16/09 8:12 P

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I think it's possible I was diagnosed with Insulin Resistance & a few months later Celiac (Gluten Intolerant) For the longest time my doc couldn't figure out why I had chronic diarrhea, gas & bloating. It was the Gluten!!

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4/6/09 12:54 A

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I did a gluten free diet by accident. I don't do well on wheat. I ate all herbs, vegtables(no potates, peas, or corn), fruit, seafood(fish- like 9 times a week), low-fat yougurt, chicken (1-3 X), and occasionally rice up to 1/2 cup 2X day.

I did work out a lot. (yoga, walking or jogging- don't hurt your knees walk if you need to, and some pilates, belly dancing and ballroom dancing) I lost 100 pounds and my ENERGY was GREAT!!!
I think I lost 5 to 10 pounds a month and until 7 pm I just ate when I was hungry + regular meals.
It is what I need to go back to!

Good Luck with finding what works for you!

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11/29/08 12:57 P

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Hi LadyBruina: I was told in September 2007 that I have PCOS and was put on 1000mg of Metformin to control my symptoms. I also have high cholesterol, fatty liver and weight problems. My doctor said that being on Metformin should help me to lose weight. In May 2008, since I only lost 4lbs. on 1000mg of Metformin, my doctor (Endocrinologist) increased my dose to 2000mg. The highest dose of Metformin that one can take... In August 2008 my OB/GYN told me to limit my carbs to under 20g per day. He believes that women who have PCOS do a lot better on a limited on no carb diet. In two months my stomach is no longer bloated. I do not have my daily headaches and my cholesterol has decreased by 50 points. I feel 100% better then I did from last year. Plus I lost 17.6 lbs with little change in my exercise. The only thing that I did change is I went on a Gluten-free and limit dairy diet. If you have always craved carbs, and you are insulin resistant it will be hard to not eat the carbs but the cravings will go away in a few weeks and you will feel a lot better.

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10/12/08 3:46 P

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No, never heard such a thing and I've been involved in a number of PCOS studies and groups via my local PCOS centre

One thing I do know is that I don't have a gluten intolerance, since I do not eat a lot of stuff that has that in it to start with (never been a big fan of bread or pasta). Also when I was trested for various food allergies that was not one of them that showed up (just a host of other intolerances and out right allergies - mostly to fruit and various green veggies), wasn't even a contender.

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10/7/08 3:33 P

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Hello. I am wondering if any of you have been told to stay away from gluten?
I have PCOS and many of the associated problems like insulin resistance, high cholesterol, fatty liver, weight problem, etc...
I have been seeing an alternative medicine doctor who uses herbs, acupuncture and homeopathy...I have improved a bit but not enough for my doctor's ego so he went off to consult my case with collegues at some seminar and it turns out that he learned from one high profile doctor who charges $2500 the first visit that the number one change for people with insulin resistance and pcos is to avoid gluten for life because this causes chronic inflammation in the body and insulin resistance and PCOS have been linked to inflammation so I actually think this could be true. He told me that in people with sensitivity to gluten, the poisening effects could remain for up to 9 months in the body.

Anyways, I'm wondering if anyone here has ever heard about the link and if anyone has tried doing a gluten-free diet and if they have felt any better.

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