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4/18/11 8:48 P

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The one non-calorie sweetener my body cannot handle is Splenda so I use Equal, the new stevia powder sweeteners, or the "pink stuff." I haven't much liked the liquid stevia extracts because they seem to leave an aftertaste.

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2/20/11 7:27 P

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Hey there! I was also diagnosed with type 2 diabetes at the beginning of January. I too have cried many tears and still do! I have not tried Splenda in anything yet. I've heard that it isn't good for you. People have recommended Stevia (which is like Splenda). Anyways, when I was diagnosed my sugar level was 170. Since I've changed my eating and exercising habits, I have been able to keep it down to 100 (YAY!!!) In regards to drinking, please stay hydrated. I had to go into the ER last week because I was dehydrated. It took several bags of fluid to get me up and running again. I didn't realize how much I needed to drink until it was too late. It's so much easier to get dehydrated with diabetes, so please stay very aware of how much you drinking. As for me, I am just trying to figure all of this out, I'm very emotional over this diagnoses, I hate it!

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2/12/11 11:24 P

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I can relate to your struggle as I too was diagnosed with Diabetes late December and have shed more than a few tears in the last month and a half!
I am pleased to say, it does get better! You can do it! SP has been a great place for me to learn to handle the diagnosis, and adjust my lifestyle.
When trying to get a blood sample DEHYDRATION is a MAJOR problem. It is essential to stay hydrated. I drink bottled water so it is easy for me to know when I have had at least 8 glasses in a day. I know other people who use either 32 oz styrofoam or plastic cups and then make sure they refill at least once a day.
Another hindrance to getting a good stick is COLD HANDS, especially in the winter. Friends on FB told me to run warm water/hot water over my hands prior to trying to take a blood helps the blood circulate to the tip of the finger.
MASSAGING or 'MILKING' your finger prior to sticking helps quite a bit. My experiences with donating blood and platelets at the blood bank taught me to MILK my finger if necessary...start at the back knuckle and massage finger towards the tip several times prior to sticking finger. The more color you have in your finger tip the more likely there will be sufficient blood when ya stick.
STICK the SIDE of your finger rather than the pad. The vessels are closer to the surface on the side, also the sides of your fingers are less likely to be calloused.
On the days when I have repeatedly stuck myself and not gotten enough to obtain a blood glucose reading, I have wrapped a hair tie around the middle of my finger to put added pressure on the end so that I can get a sample.
I was not on SP when I was first struggling with this so it was my FB friends who came to the rescue. One of my friends told her ten year old I was really struggling. Her 10 year old just kind of shrugged, rolled her eyes, and said, "Mom! She'll get used to it!" The child has been diabetic five years. I really apreciated that child-kind-of wisdom in the moment!

I have not tried cooking with splenda. Like you, I have never liked anything I have tasted that was cooked with splenda. I have been using the calorie tracker and the carb/fats/protein trackers to keep me balanced as I live with the diagnosis of diabetes. I am finally in a routine where I eat within calorie range and nutrient range most days. I have not allowed myself many indulgences to date, but when I have I have incorporated them into the meal plan for the day. Hope this helps a little.
Know that you are not alone in the journey!


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2/12/11 9:37 A

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Hello to all!
I was diagnosed with a blood sugar level of 311 a couple days after Christmas. Plenty of crying and frustration as I've been learning to test my blood, eat completely differently. I was never particularly unhealthy about eating, relative to my friends and co-workers - I ate mostly whole grains, lots of veggies, generally in the range of 1500 calories a day. Have always watched my thinner friends eat about 3 times what I did, and I still struggled with my weight. I was mildly hypoglycemic in my 20's, which I saw someone else had mentioned on here, and have fought my weight all my life, constantly living off and on diets. I think the diagnosis of diabetes explains a lot about how my body has metabolized food for my entire life. Anyway, I'm managing to bring my blood sugar down, and my daily readings are not running any higher than 120, and usually lower.
Here are my questions: I am supposed to test my blood just once per day. Believe me, this has been a process of crying and learning, because, well, it's just not a fun process. But it seems that sometimes, I can get no blood. I have finally figured out that it's when I'm dehydrated. I am trying to drink lots more water than ever before, but there are times I'm at work, too busy, and I just forget. Does anyone else have this problem? I know the answer is to drink more, because when I drink LOTS of water, I don't have the problem. I have set the needle on the next highest level, but I just can't bring myself to go anymore than that!!!!
Question 2: Although I've always been a healthier eater than most people I know, I've always had a big sweet tooth. Not overboard, but just wanting a taste of something sweet at least once a day. I've been experimenting with baking with Splenda. The results have been disgusting!!!!! I have found recipes online that diabetics claim are wonderful, but anything in which the Splenda is heated results in foods with a horrible aftertaste. I wonder how anyone can say the recipes are good. Do you think some people just have a different way of tasting? Taste buds that do or do not detect that awful "wang" that the Splenda leaves? And has anyone had any good results with baking with Splenda? I tried diabetic chocolate no-bake cookies that I found online (the ones with cocoa and oats) because they are heated for only about 1 minute, thinking that if the Splenda isn't baked, it might end up OK, but even they have a horrid taste.
Your thoughts and experiences, please!!

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