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Hi Agilecat, welcome to this team.

I understand the hope wanted behind this question. I am not a doctor but have both allergies and intolerances. The allergens are responded to by the body in antibody generating signs seen in the blood. This would require change in nutrition and what is eaten to make necessary alterations for better body comfort.

IgE is a body measuring antibody a fighting tool against foreign stuff. Other more aggressive Ig’s (antibodies measured and counted) usually are not reversible. Also the adrenal glands and lymph nodes get weakened and not fully recharged compounded with additional toxin blocking forward flushing progress. If a person goes too long this way the potential to recharge may actually stop happening. The malnutrition sets in, nutritional needs are not met and stress of repeated eating of bad stuff all play factors in failure to get to this comfortable point. This is similar to the hunger dieting pattern which fails to rejuvenate lasting weight lose and tears down over all health.

There may be a lack of sleep in a pattern that complicates your ability to eat nuts if it is just intolerance. You are what you eat. Recharging the adrenal foundation can be guided with a reading of Dr James Wilson’s book Adrenal Fatigue A stress syndrome of the 21st century. I own a copy and review often. And combine it with using a program under a supervised doctor’s care certified in adrenal gland focus. Everything from PTSD Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and chronic fatigue or working extreme projects and super long stressful hours can be returned to near pre-project state when ‘the know-how’ meets better actions. This is where a doctor guidance is valid. Better understanding can motivate better actions and reactions.

Yes! If it is related to intolerance not true allergy and recovery steps are completed then eating the intolerant thing again may be possible. I am not a doctor but others have lessened to poor reactions or reversed body response to allow that whatever intolerant food in.

It has been quoted that 80% of people with stress related from internal and external stresses causing these weaknesses can actually recover by following practical recovery programs. These are real doctor proven treatments and philosophies for your real hope. See a naturopathic specialist for the steps and understanding about intolerant changing to sweet recovery. But check out that book for the basic facts behind false and true recovery. !00% of us drain from stress. Then with safe recovery steps like positive thinking and plenty of rest and nutrition return to good health usually 80% of the people get better. The intolerance due to tiredness from intolerance weaknesses can be overcome.

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4/14/13 7:12 P

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Hi, I hope someone can tell me if it's possible to get over a reaction to nuts, or if this is just wishful thinking on my part?

In my mid-20s, a handful of dry-roasted cashews gave me excruciating heartburn, so painful it seriously felt like a heart attack. I broke out in a cold sweat and shaking and had to go home from work, even after taking every heartburn remedy we had in the office.

I learned this was considered a food intolerance rather than a true allergy. For the past 20 years, I've been super-vigilant, and have only encountered cashews by accident maybe 4 or 5 times. Even a trace was enough to trigger heartburn one time in 2004.

But recently, I found out a Panera salad has chopped cashews on it, and I've never reacted. I had a couple clusters of chocolate-covered almonds one day, and discovered by reading the ingredients label afterwards that there were cashews in it, too.

So...after 20 years, am I cured? That would be awesome, because it's my favorite nut, but I'm afraid to push it. Thanks!

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