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You don't say if this is a hiking trip, or a set up at one location and hang out trip.

One of our best investments has been our electric cooler... so easy to manage meats - we freeze all of the meat and/or pre-prepare it. Our other best investment is a dehydrator... so easy to preserve foods for things like camping! Food in this context is all about how much you like to cook/before during, and being creative.

Foods that we like:

beanless chili, or stew - made at home and if you put it hot, in hot jars, they will seal enough to stay fresh for a week in the cooler (longer in the fridge)... the same with any other casserole, one pot meals... basically you're making your own canned food... the week before just cook a lot of one pot meals, cook double what you'd normally cook, and fill a jar or two with the left overs. I do this regularly... great for quick meals.
gluten-free sausages (yeah, they're processed, but you can get some with relatively few ingredients and preservatives)
sweet potatoes for baking in the fire
canned/foil packed fish
cutting/marinating steak in thinnish strips in ziplocks (if you use a good acid like apple cider vinegar it will help keep the meat from spoiling), then threading them on a skewer/roasting stick and roasting them like weiners in the fire... OMG!
homemade nut and dried fruit mixes
apples, carrots, celery - they travel really well, and if you get a variety of apples, you don't get tired of them... and all are wonderful dipped in nut butter
hard-cooked eggs (I cook a couple dozen, chill really well, and store in the cooler)
lots of coconut oil
pemmican - I haven't made any yet, but I want to try (recipe link in the link below... let me know if you try it)!
also, if you have a vaccuum sealer, you can prepare individaul portioned meals (fish fillet, veggies, butter, spices), freeze them, and then cook them in boiling water - in 10 minutes you have supper.

There are some other really good tips and 'food for camping thought' here:

Eating Paleo while Backpacking

What to Eat Camping and How to Have a Primal Vacation

Survival Punk: Making Your Own Camping Meals.

Dr. Jason Fung: "Holy consensus, Batman. With so many 'experts' from Michelle Obama to the USDA to virtually all of the medical professionals (including doctors and dieticians) agreeing that 'Eat Less, Move More' is the way to go, you might think that it is 100% unquestionably true. But here's a queer thought... if we all agree that we know the cure for obesity, and we've spent billions on educations and programs - why are we getting fatter? In other words, why does this 'cure' suck so bad?

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2/6/13 6:03 P

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I didn't see an existing topic for this so sorry if I am duplicating.

So I have a week long camping trip. I am used to either a short trip where a cooler is good enough or before that I just took canned stuff and Raman. The best stuff I can think of would require an oven which I don't have. So do you guys have any suggestion? whether something simplethat I just missed or something more spiffy all is appreciated.


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