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11/27/12 11:11 P

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How is your exercise?... if you are not doing strength training or not working out regularly, adding more workouts will mix things up a bit. Good luck! emoticon

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11/22/12 3:47 P

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OOOOHHHHHH. "Responsible carbs!" I really like that phrase.

For me, when I want carbs why not do a sweet potato, or some rice, or quinoa instead of cake, cookies and pasta?!

Making the choice for "whole foods" for a carb splurge is better than the wheat belly hangover from pancakes or wheat bread.

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11/20/12 6:30 P

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I was out of town last week, and managed pretty well on weight loss despite eating at restaurants. I did eat rice, but no wheat. I also walked a couple miles or more each day, laden down with a heavy backpack. Two pounds down, and relying mostly on "ethnic" eateries, Asian or Lebanese or Spanish.

Over the weekend, I made meatloaf using sweet potatoes (instead of any grain).

I'm in favor of "responsible" carbs.

Got rid of the ticker cuz my scale decided to flatter me unduly. I haven't re-gained, just got a better, honest, scale.

Just because you steam it, doesn't mean you can't add herbs and spices. (A gripe at those insipid restaurant "healthy choice" menu selections.)

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11/17/12 4:33 P

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Just reading on about "carb refeed".

Talks about hitting a plateau and considering a day of upping healthy carb intake (eat sweet potatoes, or even brown/wild rice--along with more fruits---some people mentioned even ice cream!) just for a day while keeping protein levels normal and reducing fat just a bit. One day of this now & again and apparently "leptin" levels are replenished in the body and weight loss began effortlessly again. Not recommended for severely obese people, they said, but if you're "lean, moderately lean, or somewhat chubby" it may work for you, according to this article.

Anyone try this?

Food nourishes my physical body & God's Word is nourishing my soul.
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11/17/12 3:44 P

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Congratulations! You're doing wonderful. 2+ pounds a week is nothing to sneeze at.

Everyone's body is different and you just have to find out what works for you. I was beating myself up for not eating the recommended 20% - 25% of protein. I just didn't want it. Then I came across this article from Caitlin Weeks of Grass Fed Girl's blog. Come to find out that the normal 17% of protein I've been getting daily is just perfect for me. Funny, my body already knew what was good for me.

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11/17/12 3:24 P

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You are describing what happened to me. The lower the carb and higher the fat, the slower the weight loss, even though calories were in check.

So I guess that is good, it shows me what I can do for maintenance but in order to get things moving again, I have adopted the Perfect Health Diet's weight loss version. He is a Paleo sort of fella and normally 60-65% fat is what he shoots for, but he said for weight loss I needed to cut the fat (the extra fats like butter, etc) and add some starchy carbs. It seems to be working :)

Here is more info

This is your journey. Take the wheel and drive!

“Being overweight and out-of-shape is hard. Being lean and in-shape is hard. Choose your hard.”

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11/17/12 3:01 P

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I'm on day 23 of Paleo and have gone from 194 to 187ish. That's a total loss of 7 pounds.
I'm seeing difference in my body shape, but it seems holding steady around 187-189 pounds which fluctuates daily in that range. I'd like to see quicker drop in weight.

Here's the thing: when I eat more carbs: whether that's dried or fresh fruits, sweet potato, veggies, etc, it seems I lose weight more steadily. I may not be eating enough of them..

For instance, for breakfast yesterday, I had bacon & eggs. Didn't eat for 5 hours. Ate lunch and then wasn't hungry until 7pm. It's great that my hunger is steadier, but I feel less energized and sluggish when I don't eat enough carbs.

Again, the primal carb range for good weight loss is between 50-100 carbs if I understand correctly. Any other suggestions/something I'm missing????

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Food nourishes my physical body & God's Word is nourishing my soul.
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