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5/3/12 11:30 A

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Sadly, my family and my coworkers eat out more often than not. I haven't had much trouble yet finding something on the menu that I can eat or modify to be safe. It, of course, isn't Paleo in the strictest of terms either way since it is likely not organic or unprocessed but I have done pretty good so far with the KISS idea (keep it simple silly/stupid).

Any place that serves salads...I will general throw some sort of meat on and stick to oil & vinegar for the dressing. Burgers with no bun-lettuce wrapped if possible and if not then a side salad gets added instead of fries or anything else. I just try to remember...I can eat meat, veggies, and certain fruit as a dessert. I stay away from ketchup and most other sauces and things that might have hidden ingredients (au jus for instance kicked my butt last had an allergen in it that threw me for a loop). I add variety by choosing different ways of eating things. I had a steak salad the other day with a balsamic vinegar and oil mixture instead of the standard red wine vinegar. I had a meatball "sub" the other day - meatballs in a lettuce leaf with a pickle and mustard. (I made that at home actually but the concept is easy enough to do elsewhere.) Ask for grilled veggies instead of the traditional steamed or boiled. I enjoyed a LOVELY blackened fresh salmon the other day with grilled veggies. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE to do breakfast for lunch...eggs are my best friend through all this. I make egg salad lettuce wraps when I am craving a "sandwich". OH...and I had a tuna salad salad the other day at a hotel. The menu was limited so I ordered their tuna salad sandwich hold the bun and asked them to put it on a salad instead. Drizzled with a little EVOO and was AMAZING.

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5/3/12 9:45 A

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I almost never have a problem choosing something when eating out except maybe at lower cost Italian places. Any Oriental: veggies w/ chicken, or shrimp, no rice (always I ask for no starch whatever it is at the establishment).
Italian: chicken, salads, some soups.
Mexican: fajitas, hold the rice and beans and give me veggies instead (here in NM that's easy, the squash is called calabacitas) and I just don't eat the tortillas.
Sports bar and grill: grilled fish or chicken and veggies.
Upscale: the salads or a grilled fish entree w/veggies (yesterday was Ahi Tuna on totsoi and daicon sprouts.)
Indian: stick to the chicken and veggie dishes and pass on the starches and beans. Fruit for dessert.
Steak houses: meat or chicken and veggies/salad.
Seafood: grilled seafood and veggies/salad.
BBQ: pulled chicken and salad. Or pork, but I can't eat that.

I find vegetarian restaurants are tough because they serve so many soy items.

Burger joints -- others have discussed those.
Do you have other specific cuisines?
You can eat most anywhere as long as you stick to protein and veggies/salads and pass on the no-no's by quietly telling the server you have allergies. They don't want to make you "sick" ;-) I don't see any reason to make a big deal out of it; just order what you can eat as everyone orders what they want.

Just a side note: my sister is violently allergic to black pepper. One speck will give her severe stomach pain and vomiting. She has a MUCH harder time finding something to eat out and the chefs to cooperate than I do. Good luck. You can do it.

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5/2/12 11:33 P

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Suggest a steak place! :)

I'm good with a grilled chicken parts or bbq joints also.

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5/2/12 11:29 P

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I rarely eat out, and am glad too. I would probably be picking and separating, since there seems such limited offerings! I am learning from this post too. :)

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5/2/12 9:34 P

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Is there a Subway or Togo's nearby? Any sandwich can be made as a salad. Some fast food places will do burgers as a lettuce wrap. Others only have shredded lettuce but the offer a low carb bowl if asked.
Breakfast for lunch is a great option too.

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5/2/12 9:12 P

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I am not the best at making good choices at a restaurant I try to avoid them! But other than salads, I stick to basic meals like a meat and veggie. Burger no bun, some coleslaw at a burger joint with limited options. You can get steamed things at chinese places, or sushi...Some places do lettuce wraps for the gluten free people like me.

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5/2/12 8:52 P

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Started my new job Monday, and one of the things I learned is we are a small department and we eat out 3-4 times a week and have meetings during lunch. I need to do this for political reasons.

Monday- fajitas from mexican place. Didn't eat the rice, beans, tortillias. Ate all the veggies and the meat mixture. (ate chips and salsa too ;( fail.

Tuesday- Salad from a pizza place, did eat the cheese. but everything else was paleo friendly.

I'd love to hear some suggestions of your favs when you eat out? I think I can do this, just don't wanna be stuck in a chix salad rut.

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