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4/27/12 6:44 A

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I suggest that you get yourself a SparkPage. This will help with motivation and is fun!
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4/27/12 6:41 A

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If you need more calories, snacks will help you reach your desired calorie intake. I do the Paleo Diet, but also use the Nutrition Tracker to track my calories. I am in the weight maintenance phase because I have reached my goal weight and am trying to stay at or below 140 pounds.

I suggest that you experiment with different foods and find what works for you. I have discovered that I just don't do well with a low carb diet and need to have moderate carbs to feel really good. That means plenty of fruits, which I love to eat! They are so delicious!
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4/26/12 11:38 P

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I'm curious to know where you came up with the calories you need. -?- I agree that there are calculations and estimates for what the average individual of "X" frame and "X" lean body mass and "X" activity needs; but those aren't hard-and-fast and certainly aren't specific to each individual.

Are you losing more than you want to? ie, have you reached your goal weight and want to stop losing, or are you actually under your ideal weight and need to gain? If those things are the case, then yes, I'd say look for things to increase your intake and add fat, as others have suggested.

However, if you're not hungry, not losing weight, and not trying to gain ... I don't see it as a problem. If your body is maintaining its healthy weight - or, the weight you intend for it to carry - then I think it's the natural thing to eat when you're hungry and not otherwise.

Remember that our "dietary recommendations" are generic. They aren't necessarily YOURS. You have to listen to your body in this as in all things Paleo. Find your magic spot, and don't let mass-market recommendations take precedence over that.

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4/26/12 10:57 P

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Oh, Angelia!! I struggle with coconut oil! Thanks for that. It may help me get it down. :D

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4/26/12 10:42 P

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The recommended calorie intake is a recommendation, just like "eat grains" is a recommendation. My BMR (basal metabolic rate - how many calories I burn doing absolutely nothing but breathing) is about 2,500/day.

If I didn't move I would burn 2,500, however, I do move - I burn at least another 500 with exercise, etc. which means my burn rate is about 3,000/day.

If we extrapolate those numbers to weekly we get a burn rate of about 21,000 cal.

I have been eating when hungry for about 3 months now (started about a month after going all in on the Primal lifestyle - after my body converted to fat-burning).

I still track inputs many days and my caloric input is between 1,500 and 1,800 most days, or about 11,000 - 13,000/week.

The SP recommendation is for me to eat about 2,500/day or about 17,500/week. I am about 700 - 1,000 calories per day below the recommendation.

If one pound is equal to 3,500 calories, the recommended calorie input would have me with a deficit of about 3,500/week, or one pound lost.

On my eat-when-hungry plan I have been losing about 2 pounds per week, which makes the numbers work - my calorie inputs are 13,000 plus the 7,000 of fat I am burning every week, which works out to close to the 21,000 calories I think I am burning.

Sorry for all the math - I done with that now.

And that fat I am burning, I did eat it - over the last 5 years - I am just using it now.

Everyone is different - I don't know where the numbers you are using for the recommendations are coming from, but I think it would be useful to test it out on yourself.

Watch for other signs as well - even though I am eating way less than I ever have, my hunger is diminished, I have more mental and physical energy, along with a host of other NSV (non-scale victories).

I ride daily and my endurance is incredible - normally at the beginning of the riding season I have to work my way up to a one-hour mountain bike ride - this year I started at an hour and it feels like I wasn't even on the bike.

One thing I have learned - I can listened to my body more. When I feed it the right fuel, I trust it will tell me what it needs.

I now only eat two meals a day - 11am and 6pm - not by prescription, but by need - not hungry otherwise.

It all comes down to finding out what works for you. I would just say "question Conventional Wisdom" - it might be wrong.

Just my thoughts and experience.

Stay Strong

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4/26/12 10:29 P

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There is something to eating when hungry, but also you don't want to starve yourself either. Add some nuts or fats they are high calorie.

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4/26/12 10:13 P

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If you are struggling to get food into your mouth and to hit your caloric intake, add fat. Coconut oil in some hot herbal tea. Its surprisingly creamy and GOOD! Its also very good for you!

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4/26/12 9:59 P

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I seem to have a problem where I eat when I am hungry. The problem is that I sometimes have to force myself to reach the calories I need but find that I just feel really sick at the end of the day. I haven't been doing the Paleo diet for much time, mainly about 3 weeks now and feel that when I overeat it is bad... I have been reading and I see a lot of "eat when you are hungry" but I don't know if that effect is good when it comes to losing say the last 25 pounds or whatever the case may be.
Do all of you meet your recommended calorie intake, etc, or do you go by "if you are hungry you eat?"

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