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4/2/11 4:42 P

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I don't think a week and a half of no loss constitutes a plateau. 2 lb influx could be water retention due to party foods. My weight varies up/down easily 2 lb during the course of a week, and sometimes more than 2 lb.

In the meantime, if the 2 lb doesn't go back down after getting back to normal eating (ie, no party foods), I've always heard it's time to change something up. Could be as simple as eating your typical lunch for dinner and dinner for lunch; eating a *little* more or less than you have been, change something about your exercise routine, etc.



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4/2/11 1:19 P

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Yeah, I always have that issue too. For example, I got to goal weight and took about a year off exercise in 2010 due to some issues. Now in 2011 I am back on and want to drop the weight I gained back.

I started March 14th and dropped 6 pounds within 2 weeks - my scale was reading lower fat % and higher muscle %, so I was happy. Then over the last week I shot up 3 pounds...yet the scale is showing slightly higher fat like .2 difference and same muscle % and same water not sure where these extra 3 pounds are coming from!

I have taken progress pictures and everything looks exactly the same as it did on the 14th!
YET, I put on a hoodie yesterday I haven't worn in a month and it felt looser around my hips!
I was surprised.

I am eating within my SP range - higher side because I am weight training and get hungry at the lower end - and am doing my planned exercise. Maybe my foods are saltier than they should be, but that's what I am going through too.

I am not even a month into this and already plateauing somewhat - lol. So, keep pushing through it. Your body may be adjusting itself to your exercise.

My own weight loss always goes in spurts, so it may seem like a stall, but if you look at the overall long term trend, it will be going down if you keep eating well and exercising.

I try all these plateau busters, but my body never responds to tricks - it just does things when it is good and ready and all I can do is just be more stubborn and keep pushing through even if results stall for a while. Your body eventually gives up and drops pounds in spurts.

It's annoying and maddening, but that's just the way it is. Change up exercises, weigh lift with different techniques and tempos and it will all catch up.

Just don't stop exercising and don't get discouraged...also take measurements every month. You may be surprised at the readings.

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4/2/11 1:07 P

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You didn't specify the types of party foods...I've noticed that both salt and alcohol can affect my weight by a few pounds, even when I stay in my calorie ranges. As soon as I go back to my normal eating, my weight drops back down again. Good luck, and have a great time in Mexico! I'm so jealous!


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4/1/11 5:15 P

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Congratulations on finishing CE. You said you ate good and stayed within your calorie range, but didn't say whether you kept up with any exercising. So if you kept eating the same (or more) but stopped working out (taking a break), then you will plateau or gain. You need to adjust your food intake if you're not working out like you were.

My 'go to' plateau buster is a Shake Cleanse I do w/Shakeology. Before I started doing that, I used to go on a liquid fast for a couple days to bust my plateaus. You can type in 'plateau' in the Search button at the top of the page and I believe it'll bring up some articles about plateaus - otherwise, I think it's somewhere under the Fitness articles.

Good luck and have fun in Mexico!!!

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4/1/11 1:11 P

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Hey everyone!!
So I did CLX and finished it 2 weeks ago, I then proceeded to do the Turbo Fire 5 Day Inferno. I finished it, and have been taking a break from the CLX program before I go back to it in the end of April but I have seemed to hit a plateau. I haven't lost any weight in a week and a half and have actually gone up 2lbs. I have been eating good, keeping within my calorie range but the last 2 days I have had a few non healthy meals because I have been at school all day and we have had year end parties. I don't know the first thing about fighting a plateau and after talking about it with my mom I figure because I have lost approx 27lbs (before the 2lb influx), its about time to start plateauing. Help please!! I wanted to lose a few more lbs before I went to mexico at the end of the month!!!!

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