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6/11/10 9:04 P

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I also started CLX followed it for about 3 weeks then added in Insanity and mainly to Insanity for cardio and CLX circuits. Her program does need more cardio.


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6/9/10 2:53 P

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If you're already doing cardio and want to progress with it, Insanity would be good to do in place of Burn It Off, Burn Intervals, Ab Burner and Extreme Abs. In other words, use CE for ST and Insanity for cardio conditioning.

If Insanity is too high impact (it *is* leap-training) or works too high (anaerobic, VO2), then do BIO & BI as scheduled. When you feel like going harder, put back in Insanity.

It's not for everybody (Insanity). A friend didn't ask me about it, just got it for her husband. He vomits when he tries doing it. It's not for everyone. That said, anything can be modified!

You will love CE!

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6/9/10 8:39 A

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I am kind of opposite to you. I started doing Insanity, completed the first month and now I'm adding Chalean. I'm not quite sure how I will manage/schedule it but I will see. Insanity is a great cardio workout and does have some body weight strength (lots of push-ups, plank moves, plyometrics, etc) but I Think adding the heavy weights will really make a difference.

5/26/10 2:59 P

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I did (am doing) a hybrid of the two. I started with 30 day shred to get into some shape, and then I did about 3 weeks of Chalean Extreme exactly as the calender has it. I started Insanity after about 3 weeks because I wanted the cardio, and chose to follow the month one Insanity exactly, adding in the three days a week of lifting in the CLX program (I didn't do the two more cardio based workout of CLX). I did that hybrid for about 5 weeks, so the first month of Insanity and the Insanity recovery week had CLX lifting added in. It was a great combination. When I started month 2 of Insanity I had to drop CLX, it has been hard for me and I just didn't have the time or motivation. I am finished with month 2 of Insanity this week, so I'm going back to CLX and picking up at the start of Push and following the schedule, probably adding in 3 days of running. Honestly, I feel like CLX needs some more cardio, so the combo of month one Insanity and CLX 3 day weights was great. At some point I'll repeat that, but as of now after CLX I'm trying Cross Fit.

5/24/10 9:47 A

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I just ordered CLX and will be ordering INSANITY as a birthday present to my self in January. What I plan on doing is doing INSANITY for 60 days, CLX for 90 days, and continuing that alternation. I, too, will be intensifying CLX adding at least 1 more day of Burn Intervals. I would not do them at the same time.

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5/6/10 7:36 A

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On the ST circuit days, I add Turbo Jam before and do just fine. BUT, not on the cardio days. Those are enough for me that's for sure!

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5/5/10 9:27 P

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the CLX Videos run between 35 and 45 minutes (not including the abs workout which is like 11 min)

There are two days of cardio in CLX but there are two rest days as well. I make one of those additional cardio and the other stretching (and belly dancing)

I add turbo Jam to CLX and when turbo Fire comes out, I'll swap out TJ for TF and be running right along :D

Good luck on your workout!

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5/5/10 6:34 P

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Personally as a beginner to CE I wouldn't do them together. I would be concerned about risking an injury.

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5/5/10 4:30 P

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Hi everyone. I'm going to be ordering CE and Insanity next week and I'm wondering if anyone has any advice. How much cardio is in CE? How long are the videos?

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