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7/23/12 7:53 P

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I agree totally with what you said about loving the skin that we are in. If you do not have self love then you will not put your best effort forth to get into a better you.

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7/8/12 9:04 P

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Ongggce the weight is gone I will not have to worry about my rump sitting up so high in the back. I also will be able to fit comfortablly into a size that complements my size and not spreads it out. Don't get me wrong I love the skin I;m in, I just want to lose the weight for my health. If I take care of my body as far as my weight is concerned I will not be likely to have multiple health problems or issues.

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7/7/12 7:21 P

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Hmmmmmm....Interesting post.
When i think about loosing weight i think about being
healthy and having more energy. And my clothes fitting
better on me.

emoticon on the weight you have already lost.

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7/6/12 12:36 A

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@Kosherhottie, actually your feelings aren't uncommon at all, but just the opposite. This weight loss journey means different things to different people. The ultimate goal should be to achieve a healthy strong body and to be able to live your best life. It should also be a time when we take a self-inventory of our feelings and really nurture and LOVE ourselves no matter what size we are and to know that we are valuable. Once you get that down inside of you, it's pretty simple to weed out the negative attention because you know your worth and can tell the real from the fake and will just take it all in stride.

Faith WITHOUT works, is DEAD!

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7/2/12 5:37 P

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KosherHottie, you are NOT alone. Not only have I felt that way in the past, many other women have too. It's a big issue in weight loss. Books have been written about it.

What helps me is being aware of my feelings, and dealing with it whenever it comes up.

You can be successful at weight loss in spite of the fear. The most important thing is seeing it and dealing with it, and that's what you're doing. Wishing you the best!


I'll reach my goal weight in 2017, and I'm excited!

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6/25/12 9:41 A

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It's nearly impossible to spot reduce fat. If you were meant to be thin to have lean legs then that's what you have to do...other than that there is no solution other than to get that lypo. I am a believer in one doing all of the work him or herself and then at goal if he or she has issues that cannot be helped with diet or exercise (very loose skin anywhere) then plastic surgery is an option.

Also you don't have to be thin to be healthy, but if you have too much fat on the body, eating bad most of the time and not getting any physical activity (I'm not saying you have to go out and train for a marathon - get out and just walk - this helps with toning and strengthening the legs as well) then that is very unhealthy whether one wants to hear it or not. Us, especially, suffer from heart issues like heart disease, hypertension (I used to suffer from this - horrible), high cholesterol which all lead to pain, suffering and death along with diabetes and stroke. We have to watch our fat levels, get active and start taking care of our bodies.

blacKandi [black-KAN-dee]

6/24/12 10:29 P

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I'm not afraid to be thin...I don't WANT ti be thin. Been there most of my life.I've liked/dislikef partd of every size I'vr been. I just want the weight,the losd off my knees & can run up & doen stairs, squat & get up & see my lovely cheekbones again.

I've had ppl be cruel,unkind,insensitive, downright tacky at every size.

For folks like that, it is never enough; you'll never be enough.

Be more then enough for yourself,beloved. And the folks who adore you!

"Never tell your dreams to small minded people"~Steve Harvey

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6/22/12 9:55 A

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I don't think thin women get more attention than heavier women and vice versa. I think that wanting to shed fat for better health is what is important. I could care less what men say. If a man is acting a fool then he's a fool...ignore him and if he's acting crazy report him.

blacKandi [black-KAN-dee]

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6/18/12 8:06 P

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interesting post...I think there is a certain fear of the unknown that causes people to self sabatoge from time to time...I look forward to finding out what happens after the weight is off...LOL

"You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it." -Margaret Thatcher

"You don't drown by falling in the water. You drown by staying there." -Unknown

"If you can solve your problem, then what is the need of worrying? If you cannot solve it, then what is the use of worrying?"-Shantideva

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6/18/12 5:43 P

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I am not afraid of being 'thin" I was thin all of my life until I stopped smoking and everything started tasting better to me. I let myself go and was fast fooding it alot because it was easier than actually cooking a good meal.
As far as the attention goes once I started getting big, I did not get as much attention as I did when I was thin or healthy. I look forward to a nice hour glass shape again. Men love all sizes in women whether they are big, small short or tall, but being afraid of being thin is a no for me. I guess because I have never been big all of my life.

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6/18/12 10:34 A

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Is anyone else afraid of being thin? Most people say no because they think of how wonderful things will be when they lose weight. But if we want to be lose the weight so bad why do we sabotage ourselves?

I am very afraid of being thin. Or rather, I'm afraid of men's attention when I am thin. I hate the harrassment, the vulgarity and the unwanted, negative attention. Being overweight doesn't stop it completely but it definately turns down the volume and the frequency. When I am thin I feel unsafe, exposed, unprotected and vulnerable. I want to be sexy but sexy as I define it for myself and the person I'm with, no for all the world to oogle and provide unsolicited commentary.

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