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4/15/12 9:56 P

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My GI doc was no help either...he told me I just had to figure it out. Everyone is different. I found the website helpful. Lots of great info about how to manage ibs. I have mine under control about 95% of the time now. I used to use heather's acacia fiber...that worked better for me than the psllyiun fiber and others you can get at the big box stores. Since I started drinking my shakeology daily, I haven't even needed that. I still need to stay away from a few foods that are triggers like a big leafy green salad (I crave those big salads!) and uncooked broccoli. But as long as I don't overeat, I am in good shape. Have lost my extra weight and kept it off for the last couple years. I am feeling really good for a change!
Let me know if you have any questions.

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4/15/12 9:14 P

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I agree that eggs help me to stay full longer. I can tolerate oats however, I know others with IBS cannot.

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4/15/12 3:36 P

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to LorraineB26, You don't have to eliminate fat. Good ones are olive oil, some fish, etc. Eating fat doesn't make you fat. Just keep in mind that a tblsp=100 cal. no matter what type of fat. Moderation. Also, I can't have soy milk because of gas and estrogen, but almond milk is OK for cereal. If you have an egg for breakfast, you are getting protein and combing it with a small carb makes it less likely to spike your blood sugar. It makes me feel full and sastified longer too. A little excerise helps with the bloating. Even just bicycle moves laying in bed on your back.

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4/15/12 9:59 A

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My GI doctor was no help when I was diagnosed 3 years ago.. he sent me to his nurse and told me to double up on my fiber, (I use EQUATE Fiber Therapy (psyllium), so I take 2 doses of fiber a day. I was also given a prescription for a antispasmodic drug which I never filled out because my spasms are usually painless.

I'm having a flare up, and even my acid reflux is worse and I'm taking 2 doses of omepresole a day also. I found the citrus fiber drinks cause my acid reflux to flare up, so I buy the unflavored ones.. EQUATE brand from Walmart is much cheaper.

I have a new ODD symptom now. I was quite used to small areas of painless spasms or TICS as stools pass through my intestines but now I have numerous small "baby kick like spasms all over at the same time. It's a new development to get used to.

I have a HUGE abdomen and it's bigger when bloated with gas and a back up of stools when my colon literally STOPS moving. Recently relatives ask me if I'm okay.. "Have you had the OBGYN check you out?" I said "I just had a D & C, my ovaries are fine and so is my uterus except for a small fibroid. Another relative said "I'm worried about your big belly, maybe your are Prediabetic." I said my blood tests come back normal, and I don't have the other signals for it. I didn't have any huge babies although the Dr. said I might have if my son was full term.

So now I weigh 190 pounds and need to loose weight.. I guess low fat is the way to go here and eat more soluble fibers. Stay away from sweets.. I LOVE sweets!. I love my 2 cups of strong hot sweet tea with milk everyday. (Oh yeah I'm dairy intolerant too!) So I admit to not eating right. Soy milk gives me gas.. but I like it in cereal, so I don't eat cereal very often. I eat sunny side up eggs and buttered toast for breakfast. But I should eat oatmeal I guess.

Any suggestions on breakfast foods for IBS-C?

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