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12/6/16 7:04 P

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My mom and sister were all like you, terrible IBS and back pains. Lots of different medicines to try to treat the IBS C & D over the years. They but had a lot of sciatica issues and whether it was due to the IBS or not I don't know.

I too have been diagnosed with IBS after they both were. I had a lot of problems with pains from PMS way before the IBS started. So I never knew if the back pains were PMS or IBS or both. I really think they were a combination. I am menopausal now, so there shouldn't be PMS issues that I would think. And my IBS-D really only flared up under bad stress, so most of the time I am fine. Sometimes I might have a little IBS-C, but I think it is more depending on what I eat and how much I eat at once along with what type of stress I might be under.

I have a lot of sciatica issues that started in my twenty's when I was in a bad car accident and had my pelvis fractured in several places and lost control of movement of my left leg for a bit and had to learn to walk again. And as I got older and put on more weight, I have had more problems with lower back pain, and pain in my left hip and sciatica.

But I also notice that when I am constipated even a little that the pain in my left hip gets worse. So I don't doubt that maybe the colon is putting pressure on that nerve when I am constipated. As I definitely usually feel some relief there as soon as I have a bowel movement. And usually after which the pain might be completely gone or at least really lessened.

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11/18/16 6:42 A

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I have been diagnosed with IBS when I had my son at 18. I'm now 28 years old and it's just getting worse and worse. I had extreme pain cramping while I was at work and I had to immediately leave work. I don't remember driving home but I had an attack then took my self to the hospital where they never do anything. The back pain was unbearable! I ended up going back to the hospital again that Friday. All they did was treat for pain. Didn't want to give me anymore x ray or scans because I've been to the ER like 6 times this year for IBS flare ups. I went 7 days without using the bathroom and I tried suppositories and nothing. I just expirenced not being able to bend or move for a week because of lower back pain. When I finally went I was in the bathroom for 3 hrs in so much pain I just wanted to fall on the floor and scream! The back pain didn't let up if anything it got worse? I have quit my job and now on a wait list for disability which will take up to 2 years!! Anyone else struggle like me? I'm afraid to go anywhere!!

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7/3/16 9:43 A

I know that constipation causes all kinds of medical issues. I have had problems with C for many years and find that drinking a great deal of water in the morning has help to get things moving.

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7/2/16 5:37 A

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Seriously my friends, it pains a lot. I hadn't experienced it yet but I had seen my bestie many times. She always use to have this back pain and by his face and pain, I can't even see her, means she can't even bear it. Sometimes, on job also, just by sitting her back pain starts. What you all have tried for this stubborn pain? She used to have daily massage therapy and acupuncture therapy for 1 hour at least to get relief from it. Should she continue with it or go for something else? Please go through this once.

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6/10/16 2:46 A

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Hi. I just recently recovered from a terrible back pain. I couldn't get out of bed properly with out pain so excruciating, felt as my back would break into shattered pieces. Went to the hospital and they said it's nothing wrong, just constipated. I thought to myself maybe so I had been eating fast-food for an entire month and I haven't been having bowel movements. I still can't have them I try and push it's like my insides near my buttocks have to open like some stuck sliding doors but nothing comes through. Anyway to the crucial pain I feel now. My left leg near the pelvis joint hurts so bad I can't stand on it. Gets very weak. I have to balanced on my other side to relieve the pain or sit down. This can happen with-in two minutes. I sit down and straight up my lower back hurts, off to the left side. Always inflammation in the same spot. The pain can be never ending some time. Only way to relieve is to lie on my back. Also my body look as if it shifted. From trying to block out the pain. Laying on one side to much made it like this. I get a lot of inflammation which seems to be gas cause I breaks the wind. It goes down and away. But if i can't get it to relax. It's like a motor coming to live. Revving the pain up sending it everywhere. Joints hurt, I did a hop and my left glute felt like it had bricks dropping into it. Same as my back when i get up feel like weights dropped in my lower back. Wasted money on medications for constipation and I'm still not having regular movements.

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4/2/13 3:57 P

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I experience the same symptoms. I always know when I am going to have a attack because my lower back hurts. It starts out as C and ends up being D. I have a very structured attack which usually takes an hour or so to run its course and then I'm fine but a little worn out. emoticon

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11/26/12 2:01 P

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I get horrible muscle spasms in my back near lower back and hip I went to the chiropractor and she told me it was due to my IBS. It only relieves when my bowels finally move. emoticon

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11/19/12 11:06 P

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I was treated for all sorts of unrelated things before my NEW doctor finally ran the right tests and asked the right questions to discover I had IBS. This poor ailment gets the blame for all sorts of agonies, but I do know my lower back ached very much, (I thought it was ovaries or weight). When I realized how much colon I had, I began to think differently! Your colon surrounds your lower abdomen, all the way around your body, so spasms in it will affect different parts of your body often at random times. However, if persistent pain happens be sure to check with the doc, he or she may need to check it out.

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11/16/12 7:30 A

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I have chronic back pain from past MVAs and IBS. However, last fall I really felt unwell and went to emergency where I found out I had an infected gall bladder. I was quite sick until it was removed. Turns out some of that back pain over the years was related to gall stones so you might want to get an ultrasound done just in case.

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11/6/12 7:19 P

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I just joined this forum and stumbled upon this discussion.

OMG!!! I cannot believe it!!! I thought I was going nuts. I had no idea that my back pain could be related to IBS . . . . BUT IT IS!!!!

I have pain in my lower back, in the sacrum and hip joints..... feels like barbed wire and all achy.

Thank you!!!! I'm not nuts after all !!!! (well, at least not about this anyway)

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8/6/12 5:35 A

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When I was first diagnosed with IBS I wasn't feeling well all day with a dull back ache and just general feeling of unwell. I had a couple of baths to try to ease the back pain and after the second bath I actually fainted and ended up being taken to hospital because my blood pressure had dropped. Anyway after lots of tests to rule out different things the conclusion was that I had IBS and the back pain was probably caused by the fact that I was constipated most of the time. I also think it could be the excess gas trapped as well. My pain is often lower back but can also move to my sides like a stitchy type pain as well

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3/25/12 1:51 A

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I have been having some lower back pain lately that sometimes is in my sides too. I also have IBS so maybe it could be related. I never thought about it before.

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3/18/12 12:11 P

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I experience different symptoms from lower abdominal pain and bloating to back aches. For me also, it is always worse when my colon or bladder are full!


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3/14/12 10:16 P

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Over this last summer I had a horrendous back injury. Since then, I have noticed that right before my period, I get lower back pain where the injury was. (something I never had before the injury) Also, after eating less strictly than normal, with things like pizza or white pasta, I also had back pain in the same region.

It seems like, whenever anything in that area is full, be it bladder, uterus, or colon, there is pain. The best thing I can try to do is keep things as clear as possible and break down a day or two before my period and take Senna to keep things moving along. (something I usually avoid)

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10/15/11 7:58 P

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I forgot about that, but before I began eating wheat free, I used to have back pain from time to time. It would be mainly concentrate in the lower back. At times it would have me in bed for a portion of the day. Not sure what the problem was, but recall thinking at the time it was caused by gas placing pressure into the spine. Just a guess.

Since eating gluten/wheat free though about 5 years ago, it seems that the back problem has gone away.

Don't know if this will be of help, but recall this article about why wheat can cause an excess amount of gas and bloating.

"The Battle for Control of Your . . . Colon"

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10/13/11 9:04 P

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Interesting that this topic came up. I have been having back pain on and off for a couple of months. I thought it was kidney related and worried about that. Some days it is achy. Lately it has been a dull ache that doesn't go away too quickly. I should see the chiro again. Maybe this will help.

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10/5/11 10:01 A

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I am having lower back pain and I thought I was having an ovary cyst or something, but my dr says no the ovary is fine. Has anyone had the back pain radiate that far around? I am so confused with all these weird colon pains.

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9/30/11 3:33 P

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I also suffer from back pain when I have an IBS flare up!

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9/25/11 6:53 P

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I just rejoined this team, I'm having a terrible bout with IBS right now. Bloating, cramping, low back pain, nausea, C & D...I'm trying to figure out what's triggered my guts to rebel against me and hate me this much...tough days...

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8/30/11 6:21 A

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Hi there

I agree !


8/26/11 1:20 P

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I am currently dealing with back pain, most likely due to some of the exercises I've been doing, but as well from the IBS. I believe it's due to the years I've been almost literally strapped to the toilet due to IBS-D and the pressure placed on my lower spine and hip joints. I am ready to go to a chiropractor again. I went in the past for lower spine and sciatic adjustments. Especially after I had my two children. I am tired of this pain, especially when I am trying to lose weight and it limits the activities I can do. So frustrating.

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8/25/11 8:42 A

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I too have been feeling lower back pain for about a week or so. It radiates to my sides as well at times. Not sure what it is and it does not hurt, it's just an uncomfortable pressure. I started researching last night and didn't find a whole lot of info. Will continue to research and hopefully find something out because I am tired of not felling well all the time. emoticon

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8/25/11 8:11 A

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Hello team!
I have not been feeling very well this week. Not sure what triggered this but I have been having alot of lower back pain/pressure. I have been reading alot of back issues related to IBS, Does anyone else have this problem at times? It doesn't always seem to be lower back, sometimes it radiates up also. and sometimes I have aching in my joints. I don't feel constipated, but could that be an issue?
Any help is much appreciated. Thanks in advance:)

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