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HPURDY28's Photo Posts: 106
8/19/11 12:16 P

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I usually have morning issues. Until I've had my morning potty break, its not really safe to leave the house. Otherwise it ends up a random urgent issue instead of a normal movement. Motivation is hard for me, and I am not a morning person at all... Today I actually went for a walk outside after taking my son to school. I was really proud of myself. Usually I walk in the evenings. I think sometimes just changing it up can help a little. Finding things that make you feel good about yourself will help.


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8/18/11 8:43 P

SUZIEBOO's SparkPage
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What a great idea! I love to send cards and letters. I should do more of that again.
It makes you feel good to help others feel good. I usually start with reading my email and sparkmail. Iam enjoying all the new friends Iam meeting on here.
Thanks for you ideas:)

STITCHINGNAN's Photo Posts: 9,541
8/17/11 3:58 A

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I am a morning person (unless I ahev had a bad night!) I start every day with a letter writing session to friends and pen pals. I update my diary and then do 15 mins exercise.
I am a creature of habit If I can stick to my own routine I am fine, I am on computer between chores. I try to get some walking in later in the day,
Got gripey pains got to dash You all know the feeling.Irene

Irene in Nottinghamshire UK

Posts: 86
8/16/11 8:13 P

SUZIEBOO's SparkPage
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Thanks for your posts! I am finding if I have a "plan" in the morning, that helps me the most.
Like you Linda, one or the other, I know I will do it:)

SOSMEGOD's Photo SparkPoints: (18,696)
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8/16/11 6:42 P

SOSMEGOD's SparkPage
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I have a real hard time with the morning so I exercise in the afternoon after I spark.

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-Elizabeth Alraune sosmegod

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LINDA!'s Photo Posts: 85,709
8/16/11 3:09 P

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LINDA!'s SparkPage
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I do the same as many of you. I start my morning on the computer. I then normally have a routine of what exercise I will do - either Curves, walking or water aerobics. As long as I have a certain segment of time that I exercise each day - I get it done. I really love to exercise so that makes it easier for me.

Linda - Florida

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MEEZERMOM2's Photo Posts: 1,091
8/16/11 1:03 P

MEEZERMOM2's SparkPage
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I'm not a "morning" person, however most days I am up by 6;30 AM, spend a couple hours on the computer, & then unless I have an appointment, I do my workout (home gym). Some days I really don't want to, but I know that my health depends on it, so that motivates me! On the days that I can "go" to the bathroom, have more energy, but I suffer from chronic constipation, & have not found anything that really helps me be regular...


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GOATS03's Photo SparkPoints: (16,889)
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8/16/11 11:37 A

GOATS03's SparkPage
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Hi Spark Friends:
I have no problem getting up or motivated in the mornings. I am having a hard time though to get dressed and going cause I usually open my laptop first thing and then get too busy with SP.

Most morning though I'm unable to start anything too early, like exercises, cause I never know with my IBS what's going to happen..this morning I had a smoothie and my bowels did not like that at all..kept me running to the bathroom :( Sometimes I wish that I would just be able to skip my breakfast and I would be just fine but I know that's not healthy.

Anyway to get back to the topic...I never have a problem getting up..I feel great in the morning :)

"Happiness gives us the energy which is the basis of health"

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"Perseverance and determination is all you need in life" I would add Positiveness to this quote as well :)

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8/16/11 9:59 A

SUZIEBOO's SparkPage
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Just thought I'd ask what do you do to get motivated in the morning? I finally got myself up and moving around 7AM, my day off and who feels like getting up?
I did go to do my workout, but I still feel a bit sluggish, could be the sinus headache that's hanging on.

So let's throw a few idea's out there, what do you do to get motivated?
I sometimes have to "make myself" get up and go!

Thanks, Sue

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