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IBS ( Irrritable bowel syndrome)

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TOPIC:   False Urges to Go 

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4/5/11 7:34 P

SUGARCOP's SparkPage
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I am so glad to hear I am not the only one who gets nauseous with either IBS or with my bladder problems! Yes, I also have phantom visits to the bathroom, and I get remarks occasionally when somebody else notices I go to the bathroom more frequently than some other people. You are certainly not alone! I have concluded that sometimes you just have to live with IBS and its tricky ways.

KCBYTHEC's Photo Posts: 1,148
4/5/11 3:58 P

KCBYTHEC's SparkPage
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For me I know never to trust a I will go to the washroom regardless.

When I get really nervous, yes I'm an anxious person, I can leave a skid mark like a teenage boy lool.......recently we did bustamove, 6 hours exercise 800 people , started early in a.m. off my schedule, I had to go 3 times before we started but once I start exercising I'm usually fine for awhile. TMI I know......I've also had my fair share of false starts too.

I'm into a relaxation yoga now, compared to doing athletic, and hoping the relaxation will help.

Just when I think I have it all figured out the game changes.

By the way when I juice, I keep all the fibre and when I freeze the juice I freeze the left over pulp and add it into food when I need extra, hence all natural.

Okay, I'm outa here, have a great nite all....


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FANCYQTR's Photo Posts: 4,312
4/5/11 3:26 P

FANCYQTR's SparkPage
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I have been having that problem a lot during the last couple of weeks. Normally I just have to find a way to get to a pit stop (or I can get in bad trouble), but then nothing happens. I am trying to add in some of the fiber that I usually have to avoid (like adding some carrot to things) to see if that will help.


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HPURDY28's Photo Posts: 106
4/5/11 12:00 P

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I was wondering if anybody else has issues with having to go when you really don't have to poop. When I know I cannot just get up to use the bathroom, or like when I am at an appointment I get horrible urges like I have to go and could explode. I even have gotten to the point where I feel like I might pass out because I get hot and nauseous. Once everything is over and I can relax often the feeling goes away. But many times I rush to the bathroom and nothing happens. I feel better until I am actually walking out the bathroom door and then the feelings happen again.

I am slowly getting control over my IBS (D) finally. It took a long time to find the right probiotic and fiber combination. I don't know if my phantom poops are a real feeling or something just stuck in my head from all the times I've had to go and had to literally run to the bathroom or when it was so bad I couldn't leave my house some days.


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