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7/21/12 12:27 P

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It's the prep that I'm actually dreading. I had one 4 yrs ago and am having persistent abdominal pain and will probably be asked to do it again next month. The procedure itself was a breeze. I prefer the twilight sleep because it knocked me out without all the grogginess afterwards.

The prep was awful. It was movieprep in 2008, and mirilax in 2004. They both caused a lot of spasms and sickness. I can't believe that was good in any way for my colon. I would be willing to stop eating 2 days before and drink liquids to clear things out in a more natural way. The gastroenterologist may laugh, but I'm going to ask about it.


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7/14/12 10:51 P

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Well, first of all, the word does not have to bring on extreme nervousness and fear as it is just a simple procedure, doesn't last long, and you even get to twilight it away! I had to have my first one a few years back when my IBS attacks were so prevalent, the doc could see my colon spasming! He prescribed meds. real quick! Due to my one polyp, they removed it!, I had another one three years later, and now this summer I am due for another one. The actual procedure doesn't bother me, I'm 51 and all modesty is gone, but the prep stuff is different. It's been a different recipe every time, so I will wait and see what goop I get to deal with this time! My advice to you is this, ride the wave, it will be over before you know it! I will try to remember my own advice! emoticon

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7/11/12 3:27 P

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I just had my first one today. I was so nervous when I arrived that I later found out the staff wrote "very anxious" on my chart. I was knocked out completely for the procedure and I have to tell you that it turned out to be nothing to worry about. I felt absolutely no pain during or after, even though they had to remove 4 polyps that were discovered. I feel fine and want to say to everyone waiting for it to happen, that it will be over so fast you will wonder what all the fuss is about. Actually, the prep the day before is much worse, because it takes hours of your time and it's not that much fun spending 4 or 5 hours in the bathroom. Good luck to all!

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4/28/11 6:14 P

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It's this coming Monday! I'm still thinking it's not too late to say forget it. But, my mom is taking the day off to pick me up from the hospital, so I'm kinda committed because I don't want her to have gotten the day off for nothing. I think the panic will really get to me when I'm sitting in the examine room (on my side?) with my rump exposed. But, they will sedate me too, so I hope it calms my nervousness.

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4/3/11 1:49 P

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I had mine done a little over a year ago. I was 24 so I was still at the age where they put you under. Here they put you under 0-25 and I think 55+. The prep was awful. I couldn't keep the stuff down. But apparently it worked. I tend to have phantom urges where I think I have to go and nothing comes out. They are as bad as really having to go and if I don't at least sit down on the toilet I tend to overheat hyperventilate ect.

Drink the stuff with something like Tang or gatorade. They told me clear fluids, and then AFTER I had already gone through prep they told me I could have used those other options.

Try to relax. Literally I felt nothing afterwards. But make sure you get your doctor to explain the results directly with you so you best understand. My doctor was content just telling my mother and didn't even fill my nurse in on the results. I was really groggy for a few hours, but eating by supper.


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3/8/11 1:47 P

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Thank you so much for you detailed responses. emoticon

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3/7/11 3:50 P

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The first thing I remember after my last one was thinking how good the juice tasted I was drinking and wondering how it got in my hand! I don't remember asking for it.
I only had discomfort AFTER the test when I had colitis and the scope had irritated the ulcers in my colon. But after every normal scope, there is no irritation whatsoever. At least for me. It's a breeze, enjoy the attention you will get from the medical staff.


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3/6/11 3:32 A

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I am 41 (non smoker) and due to my maternal grandmother passing away from colon cancer (heavy smoker) I have had three or four already since age 28. The gastroenterologist told me that it is somewhat common if a relative had colon cancer that it is possible for someone in the family line to get IBS.

My advice is...if you work full time, do your prep on a Sunday and request a first thing Monday morning test. Buy non orange or red jello cups, white grape juice, ginger ale, chicken broth, Super Soft Charmin, amd Pampers sensitive big wipes, and if you share a toilet with anyone be courteous and purchase Lysol or Clorox wipes to wipe the seat after going on your many trips to the potty. If you have ever had a problem with hemorroids, buy preparation H and the tucks wipes, My husband had to make a midnight run to Walgreens for these medical needed supplies. If possible request the fluid to drink all day the day before, the one that was moviprep, I had wake up at 3 or 4 am the day of the test and finish the other half, which I was gagging with.

My husband has his first one at age 45 in April because his father got colon cancer a few years ago. With our history of acid reflux, we both need had the endoscope and colonoscopy at the same time. For those scheduled for an EGD, make certain they put you under all the way, My mother in law and I (twice) woke up with the device going down the throat which is the scariest thing!

I wish you luck with your results!

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3/5/11 11:28 A

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I agree with everything everyone said previously. Just wanted to add that there is one other after effect: You will be expelling the gas that they use to make the colon visible. So you will be very musical, lol. Don't be embarrassed as it is not smelly, it is just air.

They gave me Versed, a drug to induce twilight sleep, and it works great. No awareness at all. You wake up with the aides drying you off and helping you get comfy so you can get your bearings in comfort.

And be sure to eat extremely lightly. Broth is plenty! Otherwise your empty insides will get a sudden over full feeling. You will have no ill effects otherwise, even if they take out a few polyps as they did with me. Yawn, no problems due to the excellent sleepy-meds.

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3/5/11 12:20 A

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I agree with the others, the prep was the highlight of the whole procedure, the rest was not memorable. However, my first colonoscopy years go I requested to remain awake but drowsy. They gave me meds and I remember viewing the colonoscopy on the monitor. A bit humorous, it was like watching cave exploring. No pain, no ill effects. Felt great afterward because all the garbage was out of my colon. I felt "skinny". Good word of advice, eat light and slow. I've had , I think , three altogether in the last 15 years. If it's necessary, do it. If not necessary, you don't have to. Afterward let us all know your thoughts on the experience. Fear will get you nowhere. If anxious, they can give you something in the procedure room to help you relax.

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3/4/11 6:44 P

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The worst part of it is the preparation the night before! Once you are all cleaned out and you get to the doctor's office, it's smooth sailing! You won't remember a thing once you are out. One word of caution for eating afterwards, don't eat too much or eat fatty or heavy foods. Eat lightly!

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3/4/11 5:57 P

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The preperation is worse than the colonscopy. The procedure is easy but make sure you take the option of going under. First time I took it with out being put under, second time I went under, much easier. Relax, please.

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3/4/11 5:53 P

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the worst of the colonoscopy for me was the prep for it. Once you are there nothing to it. I had no after effects

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3/4/11 5:39 P

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I've seen that some of you have experienced a colonoscopy. My doctor scheduled one for me in about a month out. I'm afraid.

Do you feel discomfort after? What was your experience like?

Thanks in advance for any incite you can provide.

Goriana, So Cal, USA
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