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Parents of pre-teens and teens (ages 12 to 17)

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TOPIC:   Teaching kids about health 

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TOSHARRI's Photo Posts: 277
5/25/12 2:35 P

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We've had to re-start our nutrition teaching because of our 16 year old's food sensitivities - discovering a completely different level of awareness about what we put into our bodies!

Less teaching and more of a culture at home - we spend a lot more time in the organic produce section and in the general fresh fruits and veggies. Single ingredient items and gluten free whole grains has changed our lives! Its really not been that tough of a transition so its our hope that our kids just never look back and wish for the junk.

The only remediation we seem to do is to prepare our kids for what they see everyone else eating...all those candy bars and sodas and convenience foods ugh. Peer pressure seems to be the biggest challenge!

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OLGAINTX's Photo Posts: 3,471
5/24/12 11:47 A

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We are always talking about healthy meals and what's good for us or not. Both of my kids love to eat, so it's challenging. But, they know and understand. They may not always make the right choices, but they do understand that salad and a slice of pizza is much better than 2 slices of pizza.

It maybe too late to go back and make a new start, but it's not too late to make a new ending.

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5/24/12 9:28 A

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My boys (now 16 and 19) have always been very active. We started by signing them up for sports, as soon as they were old enough. They loved it, and wanted to keep playing. My oldest, who is in college now, plays intermural flag football and hockey while he is at school. Now that he's home for the summer, he's playing competitive football, recreational softball, and golf, all while holding down a full time job. My younger son is just as active, and plays football, lacrosse, golf, plus he ski races. And I must have done something right somewhere, because given a choice, they always choose fruit over sweets or junk food. My youngest's favourite is to make a fruit and yogurt smoothy.

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"If you think you can, or you think you can't, you're right."

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MAJORMOM7's Photo Posts: 2,874
5/23/12 6:50 P

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I have my kids playing outside for at least an hour a day. Plus I only let have them have one snack a day. They can't come home and eat and play video games after school.

" The ground work of all happiness is good health"-Leigh Hunt
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ABRANNEWME2014's Photo Posts: 51,125
5/23/12 1:33 P

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How are you teaching your children to be responsible about their health

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