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11/1/09 5:00 P

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Depends on how good your kids are. Mine will take their candy to their rooms and slowly eat it, often having candy left at CHRISTMAS! My step-kids will eat ALL in one night and then get sick. Say the least I'm not used to having to take and hide candy. Of course it's not that much of a temptation for me. I know that it's THEIRS and they know what they have and will not understand stealing is wrong if I steal from them! Say the least we have used Halloween and the candy that goes along with it to teach a number of different lessons.

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10/25/09 6:24 A

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Great topic! Last year, my husband decided when the kids had enough, and hid their candy in our bedroom! You can guess what I was doing when no one was looking. I will definitely follow some of these suggestions this year. I might ask for a few pieces of dark chocolate, and then let my kids decide what they are keeping and tell them they have to hide it from me to help me reach my weight loss goal.

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10/23/09 3:48 P

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Wait, there's more! Remember that you're talking about your KIDS' candy, not yours. You have a responsibility to them to set a good example here.

They should learn that candy is not an everyday treat and that Halloween is special.

They (and you) should learn that there is some restraint involved in not binging on all your candy at once.

They (and you) need to figure out a way to portion out the candy - this can be a piece a night for a week, portioning out some candy into little bags (and that's as much as you get a day/week/whatever), and if necessary putting the candy somewhere where it's "out of sight, out of mind".

If a kid is old enough, let that kid hide the candy somewhere (perhaps with DH's help so you don't find it, mouse-eaten, 3 years from now) so that you don't know where it is.

For some, storing stuff in the freezer works, but frozen Snickers bars sure still are tempting to some of us ;-)

It took me YEARS to be able to keep tempting stuff in the house without 'raiding' it, and I'm still not perfect, but I'm much, much better than I used to be.

If all else fails, there IS the garbage pail as an alternative - now I'm assuming your kids have lost interest and you're the only one who still hears the candy singing to you in the night. In that case I strongly recommend soaking it with water first, so it's ruined (some of us are not beyond digging things out of the garbage...).

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10/23/09 3:41 P

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Oh, this IS a tough one. I read in a recent survey that 90% of parents admit to stealing their kids' Halloween candy and the other 10% admit to lying LOL!

Here are my ideas:

1. How much do your kids bring home? I usually let mine sort and sort (both are big-time sorters), but eventually tell them to sort into "I love this" and "I don't care for this" piles. Neither gets to keep all their candy (they get LOTS..even THEY admit it's too much). They can trade, but once we know what they want the rest goes out the door. Here's what you can do with it.

2. Bring it to work and make your co-workers unhealthy.

3. I work at a college so I donate mine to one of our walk-in tutoring centers, where students who are studying always appreciate a little sugary snack.

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10/23/09 2:47 P

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In just a little over a week all 5(!) of my little monkeys will be bringing home Halloween treats. emoticon I'm a grazer, so it will be way too easy for my to have 'just one' piece of candy that turns into many. Any advice on how to stay out???? emoticon

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