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6/5/13 12:12 P

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I'm a little late to the party, but it's an interesting topic to me! We are still going strong at ~17 months. My initial goal was 12 months, then 18 months then 24. Right now, DD is pretty good about asking for "momo" when she's either sleepy or anxious. I WOH full-time so nursing is a special bonding time for us. It helps that our pediatrician and my physician are on board with this!

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4/2/13 11:36 P

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Way to go! I nursed my first until she was 13 months. She weaned herself. I came home from knit group and she didn't wake up. Since I was 10 wks pregnant and already feeling like I couldn't keep up with both kids I decided to not wake her up to nurse her. I pumped that night. The next morning I decided to feed her cereal first then offer the breast to see if she wanted it. She did not want it and from then on she preferred table food. I pumped to make myself more comfortable (from engorgement) and after 7-10 days the milk had stopped. I had no pain like what I've read about can happen with weaning, I assumed since I was pregnant my body just relocated the water I was drinking away from my breasts and to my growing baby. Baby #1 wanted to be done with breast milk so much that she started refusing anything with breast milk in it. I had at least a 4 month supply in the freezer so she was still getting breast milk until she was 17 months.

I would have loved to nurse baby #2 longer than 6 months but she had colic caused from being allergic to lactose. The body naturally makes lactose when it breaks down glucose so giving her enzymes and me cutting out all dairy from my diet only slightly helped her. As much work it is to start nursing and to get a supply is how much work I had to put in for the entire 6 months. Baby #2 only nursed for 3 min on each side or 5 min on one side and none on the other so I was always using my pump to keep up a supply. Once we figured out the cause of her colic we still fed her the frozen breast milk (because I had worked so hard to get it) and then we switched to soy formula. With in less than a day her colic stopped and her constant scratching of her body and rubbing of her feet and legs together stopped.


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4/1/13 7:48 P

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I nursed my son until he was about 17mo (19mo now) and he did it on his own. I also started working alot more hours around that time but he weaned on his own and only asked for it once about a week later then again when these last two teeth came in but that was it:D he got interested in other foods and loves his water:D but I congratulate you on what you have done! Like the other lady said, remember why your doing it because people will judge you for going past a year. I just told them neither of us was ready yet and it only helps never hurts:) my son is a very happy adjusted kid! Only reason he may be spoiled his cause he's the only one right now but people try to say it will be because you still breastfeed. Just keep it up as long as you both want to and that will make for a happy baby and happy mama:)

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3/29/13 9:45 A

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My daughter is 16.5 months and still nursing like crazy--it helps so much with teething misery! She's my second, the first nursed until 22 months, when we had to stop because I was pregnant and drying up. I don't know how long this LO will go, but she sure seems dedicated, so there's a good chance of 2 years!

I lost 106 pounds on Sparkpeople from January 2007 to December 2008, then my first daughter was born in September 2009, and my second in November 2011...needless to say, it's time to lose the baby weight!

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3/27/13 3:31 P

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i wanted to breast feed for as long as I could I made it 8 weeks then with not getting any sleep and going back to work to a 50 hour a week job i just couldnt keep up even with pumping. I thought i could pump at work but I was just too tired. if i wouldnt have had to work I know i would have made it longer. I would have loved to been able to go at least a year even if it was just pumping. my good friend breast feed all of hers until 2 years . I have to say you have to have a back bone because if your out in public you will get some nasty looks. everyone now adays have agreed breastfeeding is good but they dont seem to want to see you doing it for any child over the age of 6 months. I say do it for as long as you can and he wants to.

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3/27/13 2:28 P

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3/27/13 2:18 P

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I am currently still nursing my LO (18.5 months) and plan to continue to at least 2 & see his interest from then on. Any other moms nursing until their LOs naturally wean? DS is my 3rd & the longest I have BF, my oldest, 6 mo, my middle, 11 mo.; so this is all new territory for me but I feel I'm much more educated this time around (oldest is 16 & middle is 13).

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