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2/28/13 11:52 P

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I dont do everything I have such a big age gap my son is 13 so some things i do is what i did when he was a baby and they dont recommend it anymore but it worked for him. so I do follow most things but other things I just know what works and if it works thats what im doing. I agree about the honey but the other foods heck if they have strawberry yogurt for babies then obviously they can have it.

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2/28/13 7:35 P

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If you or any close family members don't have any major food allergies, I think you can introduce foods like you've said in your post. I was always told to do one new food for 3-5 days before another new food was introduced.


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2/27/13 8:15 P

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Hi, there! With my babies, & I've had 3, I've let them lead the way with what they're ready to try. If you tune into your child, you can trust your judgement, I think.
I introduced my kids to the foods of the family, though somewhat more smooshed or overcooked for easier eating. If your concerned about nutrients, the same applies to babies/kids as adults, the more color variety in your plate, the better balance of nutrients you will get. The only precaution I would really adhere to is to not overdo it with dark, leafy greens. They can eat them, but a smaller proportion of their meal than other veggies. Their little kidneys just struggle a little more with them, but you won't hurt them unless your feeding collards and kale on a daily basis!
The most important thing is to introduce one new thing at a time, probably not more than one a week, so that you can identify the culprit if there's a reaction.
Good luck & enjoy that baby!

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2/27/13 11:32 A

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I would say she's on the cautious side. Our pediatrician pretty much said after he started eating solid foods that we could pretty much do anything. And since my son was 8 weeks early, you would think that our pediatrician would be extra cautious on things for him.
I really like and trust our pediatrician so I will normally go by what he tells me for things.



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2/27/13 10:51 A

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As a first time mom, I have to say for the most part I do everything my pediatrician says and I read and research the "right" thing to do whenever I have questions. But there is a lot of contradictory information out there, isn't there? Everyone has an opinion and there's a lot of grey area to do what works best for you and your child.
One area in particular I struggle with are the foods I can and can't feed my kids at certain ages. Their pediatrician is always on the conservative side and doesn't recommend a lot of foods until after age 2. For example I've read honey is okay after age 1 but she says not until 2. I know strawberries are a common allergen but she says no berries or melons at all until 2. That seemed a little drastic to me so I bent her rules and let my boys try purees with blueberries. I also read about how good they are for you and certainly don't want them missing out on nutrients or all the fresh flavors of each season.
Does anyone else have similar experiences? What do you do?

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