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3/26/13 2:03 P

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I agree with Carolyn; it has to be an internal decision to do what's right for your body and yourself.

I quickly lost 60 pounds on MF and then had a major spinal surgery. I maintained my weight loss for nearly a year, then gave up my twice weekly morning hike when it got really cold over the winter. I slowly gained about 10 pounds, seemingly without noticing. I'd let up on my weekly weigh-ins, and things added up (literally!).

Now, I'm back on track and just got new walking shoes this weekend. But despite being faithful to MF for the past couple months, I'm yo-yoing with a two pound loss and then gain.

It's extremely frustrating but I know that it's going to be harder to lose now that I've slipped up a bit. I also now know that the exercise does make a difference, despite me thinking it wasn't. I also see those 10 pounds! Clothes that fit nicely before are more snug and I don't like it one bit!

But I'm keeping on, and having faith. There's no way my body can not respond, if I'm on plan. I owe it to myself to finish the journey I started and dang it, I'm going to!

Hang in there!


Sh*t is hard. Do it anyway.

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3/26/13 1:02 P

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We've all been there. Seven years ago (crap, time flies!), I got to about 185 pounds and was feeling fabulous. And then I started to slip. I wasn't as good about portion sizes or foods and then before you know it, I'm 268 pounds.

What got me out of my funk and started on Medifast was my health. I was diagnosed with sleep apnea. And I knew that my previous pattern wasn't helping, that I needed something big and drastic to get myself healthy.

First of all, pat yourself on the back for realizing how unhealthy you were and coming back onto program. That's not easy!!

When you got started onto Medifast, did you join Take Shape for Life and get a free health coach? My health coach was a big help; we talked almost every week and she was ALWAYS encouraging, cheering me for every small weight loss.

I think the biggest thing, other than my health coach and the money the food costs, that has motivated me is the thought that I deserve good health. I love myself enough to want to make myself healthy.

You said you did lose weight, but not that fast - how many pounds was it? Make sure to congratulate yourself - you did a great job!! Did you take your measurements (hips, waist, neck, etc.)? I take weekly measurements and when I don't see much bump in the scale, I'm almost guaranteed to see a reduction in waist.

Take each little success and make a big deal out of it. So you didn't go to the gym, but you drank a full 64+oz of water. Congratulate yourself! You stuck to program - congratulate yourself!!

(Plus, I've found that after I lost about 50 pounds, that was when I wanted to start exercising - before, I just didn't want to exert the effort.)

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"The best diet is the one you don't know you're on."

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3/26/13 12:40 P

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Hi all, I dont post usually, but I need accountability so here it goes!
I was doing "ok" at using medifast, using the meals all day and then eating a reasonable dinner but not strictly adhereing to the "lean and green" standards.
SO as a consequence I didnt lose weight as fast as I had hoped for plopping down $500 on meals and then I QUIT. Fell off the wagon hard and had a food and drink party in my mouth for a week. I gained 5 lbs in a week.... it was fun, Im not gonna lie.
Rather than the "yay I feel my clothes getting looser!" feeling Im swollen and feel like total crap. Im mad at myself for not cutting the gluttony short and redirecting back to healthy habits. How do you guys stay motivated and stick to it? Mantras? Motivation tapes? Knowing the right thing to do isnt working, I feel like I dont have enough self control and it sucks. I have literally NO excuses to blame, no kids, reasonable job hours, I live alone and make my own food and I own an ellipital machine that is in the next room and have a gym membership. I never get my butt to the gym though, its ridiculous. The eternal winter of Minnesota is KILLING ME. I freaking hate it here, dont ever move here its horrible. Rant complete- thanks for listening.

I reapplied myself to medifast today, I cleaned out my cabinets and took all the bad stuff to work to get rid of, Im making a plan and hope I can stick to it! Any ideas on how to break my mental block are welcome.

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