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9/1/13 9:39 A

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Several factors could be playing into your lack of scale movement. I'll list some questions you should ask yourself, but honestly only one week on a new program doesn't really give you much data to work with. Weight loss may be a science, but it's not an exact science that can be applied to every person.

1. Are you using the spark food tracker? Have you had the system calculate a range of calories that you should eat within? If so, are you tracking everything you put in your mouth honestly? Are you tracking your calories burned while working out? If so, have you looked at the calories differential report and seen if you had a loss for the week? You need a differential of 3500 calories in order to loose a pound. And believe it or not, eating too little calories (below the range) can hurt you as well - your body will hoard the food you do put into it. You need time to play with your calorie intake in that range in order to find what intake works for you. During my loss, I had a range around 1250 to 1600 and it took me some time to figure out that I needed to consume 1470 cal on average and burn 450 cal on avg daily in order to loose about 1 pound per week. This number won't work for you - but in time you can find your "right" number if you just stick with it and experiment.

2. Are you drinking 8 cups of water each day? Is this level of intake new for you? You could actually be retaining water.

3. Are you weighing yourself at the same time of day and wearing the same clothes that you wore the last time you weighed yourself?

4. Is your exercise program entirely new? Did you just switch up an existing exercise program? Have you just started exercising harder than you did before? Do you maintain consistency in your exercise routine, changing what you do for cardio and how you work your muscles every 4-5 weeks? Any time you make changes to your exercise routine, you're body freaks out for a little bit until it gets used to what you are doing. This is why you need consistency until your body gets too used to what it is doing and then you need to switch it up to challenge yourself again.

Those are some pretty weighty questions and hopefully somewhere in there you'll see a reason for why you didn't see any loss this week. It took me a month before I got my numbers right and really started to see the weight coming off. In order to stay positive, I took pictures of myself weekly and watched for changes physically - because they do happen even when the scale doesn't budge. And I did full body measurements on a monthly basis, because those always seemed to show greater improvements than the scale ever did.

You can do this! You just have to stay committed and KNOW that something will happen if you do :)

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8/29/13 4:18 P

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If you're doing strength training you may have added some extra muscle. That could keep the scale from moving for week a, but don't let that bug you. Your body will balance out and start losing. In the mean time, you're becoming a foxy chick. emoticon

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8/29/13 12:02 P

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Sometimes it takes your body a while to catch up so having a week where you don't lose anything is normal. I always like to tell myself as long as there is not a gain it is a good week! Good luck with your weight loss journey just keep going emoticon

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8/29/13 9:30 A

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Just joined the team. Need support. I have exercised as required, eaten correctly and still stayed at the same weight as last week! Suggestions? Help?

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