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9/4/11 9:45 P

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Nancy, so sorry you are having such a difficult time! (You too, Madcat!!) Madcat is right - you need to simplify things and stick to the things that are supporting your health (like adrenal support, probiotics, etc.) See what you can do for your stress level - I've heard that passionflower (herbal tincture) can help. I have had success with taking daily cortisol, but have used xanax sometimes when things get really bad. Sometimes just a walk outside (when I feel least like doing it usually) it helps me de-stress a bit.

BTW, getting off dairy really helped my bladder issues.

Wishing the best for you both!


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9/1/11 1:06 P

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Recently I switched LD docs because the one I was seeing and his staff and distance were causing me such stress. This new doc, despite having said that they would work from testing that was done already wants me to see, Gynocologist, have bone density, consult with GI specialist, have a colonoscopy and possibly have liver biopsy which requires anesthesia, sleep study and a few more tests and doctors.
I am saying no to him.
I am refusing to get on the hamster wheel for him. I have already burned all my bridges with the stressful prick doctor that was helping me get relief and do not know where to go next but I will not submit to testing that turns up nothing nothing nothing and raises more questions than it answers while emptying my pockets.
I am off all pharmaceuitcals presently and, because I know the symptoms, working on adrenal fatigue. Adrenal fatigue can be brought on by stress (mine has been elevated lately), food, allergies (it is allergy season), alcohol, and DRUGS (do you hear me Nancy?)
Adrenal fatigue will cause extreme fatigue, digestion problems, depression, liver problems, cyctitis, sweats, cramps, muscle and joint pains. I am having all of these symptoms. I was back eating small quantity of gluten and the bladder problems arose again too.
So that is what I am doing. I advise you to do likewise.
Your life is out of control and you will not recover the way things are so what is the point?
Let the LD go for now.
Work on stress reduction and adrenal support/detox baths and massages. Include loving yourself and your husband who is going through hell with your right now, by the way.
Tell teh doctors to go to hell.
Put down all the pills and put off all the tests.Only take supplements that are for rebuilding and that you feel are helpful.
Rest and simplify.
Get off gluten.
That is my advise not that I believe for one minute that you will take it but you asked.

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9/1/11 12:22 A

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I am not feeling well.I am still battling virus- sores in my throat.
I have been having a lot of bloating, gut and pelvic pain, back pain, pink discharge sometimes, etc..for 1 month or longer and bladder issues.

I was having an anxiety attack over all these tests and all this medical stuff today. OMG I feel like I cannot handle anymore. Lyme is bad enough to handle.

I went in to Lyme doc for alternative assessment and treatment and they said I had a allot of inflammation in my gut and intestines and small bowel area. Lyme can cause inflammation all over so it could possible be causing inflammation in my bladder too. Who knows, that may be why the bladder wall is so thickened in 1 area. I know urologist does not believe it is cancer although he said it is unusual in a woman to have thickening but they cannot truly rule out cancer without a biopsy - which means being put to sleep in the hospital to have it done.Then recovery and we are leaving on this trip to take Ryan to Seattle a week from Tuesday.

OMG I am also being tested for ovarian cancer- blood test and pelvic ultrasound tomorrow afternoon Still waiting for what the uterine biopsy showed.

I just feel like I cannot handle anymore medical stuff. It is just too much. I am thinking of postponing the bladder biopsy until after the trip and after John gets back from his conference- so 5 weeks.

The whole thing is stressful- it is stressful having procedures and then having to wait- esp when it is scary stuff and it is stressful not knowing. But in a way I just want to let it go and postpone it until after the trip.
I am exhausted from everything and I want to have time to get ready for the trip and look forward to it.
Any wisdom??????.I kept hearing in my head today- "Let it go" today after I saw the Lyme doc.
Love and hugs

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