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5/29/07 4:00 P

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Thanks for all your responses!!! I appreciate all the support and advice, but I guess I should have made it a little more clear. When I said train, I meant for my half in December. I don't know how I am going to find time to run my program. Tonight I am supposed to run 2 miles, but since I have the kids again, I am just going to go walking. We are very active people. We hike, walk, skate...etc. I can not run, because I always have the kids with me. I have 5 kids at home with me, a 3yo, almost 4yo, 10 yo, 12yo and 14yo. The 10, 12 and 14 yo like to run with me, but are quite a bit behind me. The two preschoolers will start out, but within a few minutes, want to be carried. So how do I train for my half with all these kids?


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5/24/07 8:48 A

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You wrote that you "recently" became guardians to 3 extra people. You really need to cut yourself some slack, and just get used to having all that extra responsibilty in your life. It is a huge challenge, and you can't be beating yourself up for not finding time to exercise right now. As time goes on, you will find a new "normal", and opportunities will appear for you. They may even be there now, but with so much new and different happening, it may not seem like it.

One thing that may help right now, is to break your exercise into ten minutes chunks. This was one of the lifestyle changes or habits that I really resisted when it came up in my Spark plan. I am always going for 45-60 minutes when I exercise, and to have to stop doing that and only do ten minutes at a time for a whole week . . . well, let's just say that I almost had a rebellion going on. But by the end of the week, I found that those ten minutes really do pop up out of nowhere.

Now, even if I've exercised in the morning already, if a ten minute chunk of time appears, I still run stairs, or stretch, or find something to be active. It was a very good lesson for me to learn.

Give yourself permission to workout in chunks! (so you won't get chunky)

Hugs (and I think you are doing a wonderful thing for your neices and nephews).

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5/23/07 10:51 P

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Keep looking for those little slices of time. When you take kids to activities, use the time there to get some walking in. If you have time, drop the kids off for the activities and walk around with the others before the start (if you can), I know most kids have to be at sports and band up to an hour before the start, that gives you some time to use. Squeeze in anything you can. I work with a guy who will go for a short run over lunch and wipe down with baby wipes before putting his work clothes (professional) back on and going back to work. You can do it, like others have said, try to involve the kids, you can do it. You are a strong and very brave woman for what you are already doing, the answer will come, stick with it.

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5/23/07 7:23 P

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Very admirable what you are doing for your family. I am not as busy as you, but just remember, there is always something that comes up. Do what you can and try to squeeze in some type of activity 3 times a week. And don't be too hard on yourself, life happens.
Also, games/playing with the kids is always a good activity.

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5/23/07 6:56 P

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Sorry to hear you have not been able to get out there, but at the end I believe you and your husband are doing something great for your nieces.

One thing I do is to try to involve the kids (only 2) with my activities, it may help you if they exercise with you, or go for a walk with them.

Something I am doing is getting up 1.5 hours ealier, before is time to get my kids up and I go out for a jog.

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5/23/07 6:28 P

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How are you all doing it? I know you say just get out there and do it, but honestly I CAN'T find time. We recently became guardians to 3 of my nieces and nephews. So now we have 9 of us. Its a big change it keeps getting in the way of my training. I still have plently of time, but I should be doing much better by now. With all the appts, activities and such I have no time left. I leave early in the morning, work all day, pick up the kids then head of to activities and we usually get home around bed time, get ready for bed and go to sleep, repeat the next day. My hubby works full time and goes to school at night, so he can't help me either. Maybe I am expecting too much to be able to train with all we have going on. I only have 1/2 hour for lunch and we don't have showers, so that's not an option either. SIGH
I don't know, but I am feeling really discouraged and the rain every day is not helping the situation either.


One 5K down, 36:17...Several to go! WOOHOO
2nd one down, but way slower 5K in 45 minutes with my partner, mostly walking.
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