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9/8/12 6:53 P

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All the sharing of good info here confirms that I made the right choice going "all in" with Jeff Galloway. I started seriously running in Jan 2011 and I swear by the interval training now. It is the singular run plan I use when I do my races. Good stuff shared all aorund here!
Did I mention that I turned 62 in May?

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9/6/12 8:13 A

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I used to run at our local high school tracks in the past. I remember that the rubber material or whatever the the track was constructed of sometimes gave off a bad smell. You may be sensitive to the off-gassing of the track material. If that is the case, you may need to change your running path to another location. I found a park close to my home that is not used much. I use the entrance road and the park for my running now.

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9/5/12 1:03 P

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Thank you for all the suggestions! I will take the advice though I already feel like I am moving at a snail's pace. But everything everyone has said makes sense. :)

Thank you!

God is always with us. Let Him strengthen us on our journey to health.

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9/5/12 11:59 A

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I agree with the others that have posted....

Slowing down is the key.
Don't worry about how fast you are running....
Don't compare yourself to others who may be able to run faster....

Your entire body (musculature and cardiovascular) needs to get stronger and this is better done at a level that will not cause injury.

Keep moving around that track...., but do it much more slowly.

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9/5/12 10:25 A

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I agree with the previous posters that you just might need to slow your pace. I also think the intervals make good sense. I have been using the book "Run Your Butt Off" and they recommend this method. A friend is using Jeff Galloway book and it has a similar set-up. In RYBO you start with 4 minutes of walking, 1 minute of running for 30 minutes and each week you work your way up to more running. My husband, who has run marathons, has even said sometimes your body or your lungs just need that little walk break.

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9/4/12 7:21 P

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There are a couple of things at play here. As the previous poster mentioned, you should try to slow down your pace so that you aren't so out of breath after one lap. Even if you think you are going slower than anyone possibly could, slow down some more. It's okay. Get the running motion into place for your body, ease into it.

Second thing your could try, is to start running intervals. Run for 60 seconds, walk for 60 seconds, til you have run the whole mile. Then (gradually over weeks), increase your running and decrease your walking until you are running the whole distance.

I read once that when we start to run, either our legs or our lungs are stronger. It does take time for the other to catch up, so it sounds like your legs are wanting to go farther, but your lungs aren't quite ready yet. Slow down to give the lungs a fighting chance!

You can do this!

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9/4/12 4:47 P

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My best advice is that you slow your pace down. You should be running at a pace that allows you to still hold a basic conversation of a few words at a time. If you can't do that, you are probably trying to go too fast. It does take time for your lungs to increase their capacity (Max VO2)...

Also, as you slow your pace down, you may want to try counting your breaths to your footfalls. A basic pattern is three breaths in and two breaths out coordinated with your feet touching the pavement.

Also - keep at it! Everything improves over time!! :-)


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9/4/12 4:40 P

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I am a relatively new runner whose looking for advice: Over the summer I started running at my local high school track. On the track a mile is 4 times around. Currently I can run once around. My goal is to do a full mile and eventually beyond that. But it's the breathing thatr gets me; by the time I've gone once again I can't breathe anymore! Any advice on how to progress forward?

God is always with us. Let Him strengthen us on our journey to health.

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