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7/12/12 9:22 A

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I know I'm repeating myself here but, again, I'm SO sorry this happened to you. I swear, it seems every one of us have gone through an injury *just* when things are really ticking along and going well.

I can't recommend much specific in the way of exercise, other than upper body stuff of course, but I third the notion that it's a good idea to ask the doc what you CAN do. They seem to neglect that part and just say 'you're injured. Don't do anything.' Are you allowed to walk or do you have to keep off the leg altogether?

My tip is to maintain the running mental game while you're in recovery. During those regularly scheduled run times do something health-related, just to 'save the space' so to speak. If you can walk, great. At Christmas I fell and broke one foot, sprained both ankles and broke a rib. No running, no upper body exercise, no swimming or water running... for over six weeks. I thought I would go mental! Chatting with my Spark friends helped a lot. I ran vicariously through them.

Good luck, hang in there and check in with us to let us know how it's going!

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7/11/12 12:24 P

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When I had an injury at one time and couldn't hardly walk much less run I used a machine that my gym had or cardio and upper body strength. I can't remember what it's called, but it had pedals like a bicyle but you used your arms to peddle it while sitting in front of it. I was surprised at how hard it really was to pedal that thing that way and was able to keep my cardio up using it. I also did exercises in the water for strength. Check with your doc about what you can do that way. It wasn't always swimming, but walking in the water or water jogging may be possible in the deeper water because of the fact that the water holds you up and you don't put the weight on the injury. I saw a pro runner who had broken her foot one time and was able keep up a lot of her fitness by using a treadmill contraption under water. COurse she had speciaized resources but the point is that even with the break she was able to do the water jogging because it kept weight off her foot. Hope you can work with your doc or a physical therapist to work out a program that works for you while recovering.


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7/11/12 2:29 A

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Hey Del,

I have torn my meniscus before, and there are a bunch of exercises you can do. Hopefully you have a pool, get in there and swim a schwack...just be careful of the whip to your doc about if you can do them. Also, single leg strength training moves are awesome. Be aware though, when you knee is good, you need to balance the muscles out. I could cycle, talk to your doc about that. With Cartilage, it is all about how much you tore that tells you what you can do. Have a discussion with your doc about that, and gauge your workouts by that.


Edited to say...I know I talked about your doc a lot, but everyones injury is different, so that is a necessity:)

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7/9/12 8:30 P

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So sorry! Unfortunately none of us are in a position to even begin to offer exercise advice to anyone suffering from an injury. Maybe your doc can make a recommendations that will not exacerbate your current situation.

Here's to a SPEEDY recovery!
Coach Nancy

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7/9/12 8:25 P

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So it looks like I may have torn my Meniscus...and going through all the doctor stuff now...but I was running 15 miles a week or more and now I'm stumped on what to do for exercise now with a bum knee...any suggestions?

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