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5/31/09 1:48 P

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Rest, first, then SHOES.

Professionally fitted running shoes generally solve 90% of the world's problems.

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5/31/09 12:08 P

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Buy a Foam Roller. I got mine by Go at Target for 18.99. You can find videos on youtube that explain how they work. I love mine because it is like a deep tissue massage and it works wonders on all your muscles not just shins.

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5/30/09 8:03 P

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Shins splints are not just the bone, they can include the surrounding muscles and tissues as well. The can be posterior or anterior and yes, they can be caused by wearing shoes that do not provide enough support, but they can also be caused by shoes providing too much support. The thing to differentiate is between shin splints and a stress fracture...this is where tiny cracks occur in the bone and many times cannot be detected by standard x-rays since they are like hairline cracks all in the bone and not a true break.


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5/30/09 7:52 P

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I thought I had shin splints but they kept coming back. In turns out what I was calling shin splints were not shin splints. I think shin splints are right down the front of the fibia/tibia (whichever bone is in the front). However, my pain was directly left of my shinbone. I did some research and realized that this pain actually came from fallen arches. This causes my foot to turn inward which is what they call over pronation. I have a podiatry appointment tomorrow for my pes planus to hopefully get inserts. The way to test your arches is to wet your feet and step on a paper bag or concrete and see if you have any arches left. If not, the shoes may help but for me, my arch is completely gone in my right foot so the shoes weren't quite enough - hence my appointment tomorrow. Hopefully, just getting the new shoes will help you, though. Good luck.

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5/30/09 4:22 P

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Shin splints is a generic term for any pain in the lower leg, but it sounds like that is what you may be suffering from. Have you been fitted for running shoes at your local running specialty store?

Many times these issues can resolve if you wear proper shoes for your pronation, slow down, be careful not to add more than 10% to your run distance and intensity, ice your shins and do some stretches and strengthening exercises such as towel scrunches, the alphabet stretch (you trace the alphabet with your feet while sitting in a chair with your leg extended in front of you, calve raises, etc).

I wish you well!


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5/30/09 4:19 P

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It's probably shin splints. They just describe shin pain and be caused by a number of factors. Stretching out your shins will usually help. I personally like to use a wall. With my heel against the ground, I flex my foot against the wall, leaning gently into the stretch for 10-20 seconds (heel on the ground, toes pointing towards the sky). Also, tracing out the letters of the alphabet with your foot is good for loosening the shins. Good luck! I hope it gets better.

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5/30/09 3:41 P

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I want to jog more, but about 1/2 mile into my walk, my shins hurt so much I can barely flex my foot, then about another 1/2 or so, it stops, but then I'm going downhill / uphill so I can't run there (yet). I don't think it's shin splints, but I may be wrong. Any ideas or suggestions? I know I don't stretch enough.

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