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8/8/08 5:17 P

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Hi Sally,

Welcome! Shrink Yourself is a book that also has an online program. Some folks here are just reading the book (like me), others are doing just the online program and others are doing both.



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8/8/08 5:06 P

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Hi Crissa

Your post really hit home with me...I'm new to this group and only in the last 5-6 months have I really embraced the fact that I am out of control with my food. I've had a really hard time admitting that. I feel ashamed that I cannot control it. I need to change that.

Anyway, your post brought me to tears...I feel so terrified to face whatever I'm going thru at the moment instead of just coping with food. Food is doesnt judge me...and it taste great!
(but it's a horrible cycle of coping w/food then hating myself for being overweight)

I've been reading a lot on SP and learning a lot about myself. I've even made the extra step to make an appointment with a therapist about my issues. (2 weeks from now) Everytime I realize that I'm going to have to face my demons, I start crying. I've used food for so long as a way of coping that I'm just scared to try and do without. My husband has always said he loves strong women with independence. I think that really has made it hard for me to let go and face emotions on a regular basis because I feel like I'm going to let him down by "not having it all together". Same for my kids....I realize I need to put myself first sometimes, but I feel so guilty. I said before, I'm new to this group ....can anyone fill me in on the first step to this program? Sounds like a book AND an online program? I'll try to read the other pages to figure it out too.

Crissa- thanks for your gives me hope to hear that others are going thru the same thing and making progress. Wishing you the best on your journey.


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8/8/08 3:45 P

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Wow, Crissa, thanks for sharing! It sounds like you are learning tons about yourself, your triggers, etc. That is fantastic! I can certainly relate to the feelings you shared. I think alot of us EE or binge due to similar emotions, just caused by different circumstances. I'm so impressed by all the things you are realizing about yourself - as the good book says, "the truth will set you free".


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8/8/08 4:46 A

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Hey all,

I'm new, my name is Crissa and I am doing the online 12 week counseling program for shrink yourself.

It's really sad and hilarious, because as I'm going through the sessions, and having to answer the questions and deal with where the binging comes from is when the urge to binge gets REALLY strong. I'm answering FOOD questions and chocking back tears...Really strange as I never ever related my food problems to emotional feelings...

I've had a really hard two years, lost three friends tragically, and one is in a coma....and won't wake up.

I deal with this by eating...because sometimes it's just too hard to deal with all of it. It's overwhelming. But, I want to deal with it and not eat myself to death!

I have been able to identify a few of the EEE triggers in the last two weeks.

One of them is I eat when I'm bored, because the boredom is often caused by the fact that I have no close friends (I am a student in China studying Chinese, and the culture differences and language barrier often alienate me from relationships, and there aren't any American's around) So I get bored, but the boredom makes me feel incomplete, and lacking something, because I am not introverted, I am very much a relational person, and if I had close friends, I would be out hanging with them which would eliminate the boredom, lol

So the boredom goes hand in hand with Loneliness.
And eating makes me feel like I've been hugged or held. which is so weird, but it makes me feel whole.

One that was most interesting to discover was that when money is tight, or somehow material things are being withheld from me, I suddenly get the urge to go eat as much sugary, and "fun" foods as possible. Like Frappiccino's, ice cream, etc. And this week was able to identify the reason...I came from a very poverty stricken background, on top of a very mentally ill mother who constantly told us over and over from VERY young ages until I ran away at 17 that we were going to be on the streets tomorrow, or she didn't know where our next meal was coming from...She had no sense of protecting our young minds and hearts from the terrifying reality of poverty. And I often felt so scared and helpless.

And even now, that everything is okay, and I have a good life, if money gets at all tight, I get terrified. And this switch it turned on in me that says to eat as much as possible, and especially all the things that I never got to have when I was younger. All the nasty sugary fast food crap. Because I feel so scared, and I'll eat until I feel sick and my stomach hurts really bad. Because it makes me feel safe and whole.

realizing this almost just brings me to actually DOES bring me to tears...I feel like I understand now what triggers alot of these things, but they are so deep in me I don't see them coming on. I can't tell the difference between hungry, and scared, hungry and sad, hungry and lonely...

This makes me so ANGRY, And FRUSTRATED.
How can I be so out of touch with my body and emotions?

The other day I was looking at the pictures of my friend in the coma from the hospital...And I almost started crying, and quickly sucked it up and then felt like I needed to go eat all this crap from KFC. This was when the realization came to me...I was sitting there consuming over 2500 calories of nasty greasy chicken and ice cream...And it just HIT ME. I don't even know WHY it hit me...But I was chocking on tears and chicken with the realization that I was escaping the pain of loss and fear....

I was disgusted at myself and yet felt so helpless...What I needed was to be hugged, held and allowed to CRY IT ALL OUT. (something that has been unfamiliar to me my whole life...Coming from the hard childhood and having a mom who neglected us in every way let alone emotionally)
But as I stop to search for a way to get what I need emotionally, I just don't know where to start, don't know who to turn to. The hardest part being here in China, and not having close relationships.

I just want to be able to tell someone who I feel safe with what I'm going through, and ask them to just hold me and let me hug me.

And the hard part is also just in realizing these things it sometimes becomes overwhelming, and I feel like too much feelings all at once are coming out and I would just rather bottle them back up because it's too much to deal with at once...

So I continue on this journey, with the help of the online sessions...To learn to feel again, and not be afraid of it.

To learn to deal with all the emotions that I've stuffed for my entire life...

To learn that I'm not hungry, but sad, lonely, scared, and needing to be comforted...And my journey in finding a way to help myself get what I need emotionally from people...not food.

thanks for letting me share.

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