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4/8/09 1:53 A

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Read the latest March 25th US News post interviewing Suzanne Somers regarding bio-identical hormones (BHRT). In the end, Suzanne Somers admitted she recently had to have a hysterectomy after experiencing uterine bleeding and severe hyperplasia. Severe endometrial hyperplasia is a stage before endometrial cancer which I would expect to happen with her history of breast cancer, 22 years on the birth control pill, and now on BHRT. She is very lucky they caught it in time.

PS: See US News Post at:

suzanne adams (age 55 and doing well without drugs or hormones of any kind; just micronutrients and good food).
medical cytologist and nutritionist

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3/29/09 6:25 P

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The worst thing women can do is take hormones, and that includes the Pill. As a cytologist who has screened for cancer and seen countless cases of it from breast to cervical, ovarian and endometrial, and who has studied the subject intensively, I can tell you it is these hormones revved up in pill form that are causing much of the cancer today. It is so bad amphibians & birds downstream from waste water treatment plants are becoming sexually deformed with birth defective offspring due to these hormones in the water. Chronic hormone use comes with a price--increased cell division in reproductive organs, vascular problems, & immune suppression. Couple this with poor nutrition & you have a recipe for cancer (uncontrolled cell division) & heart disease. Women who have never had children have more cancer because they never had a break from estrogen by being pregnant & nursing. The dramatic drop in breast cancer alone in tandem with the drop in HRT in the past few years should not be forgotten. This is the 1st time in history that breast cancer rates have fallen. Hormones, WHETHER NATURAL OR NOT, are dangerous because they all stimulate cell division. A lack of micronutrients (folic acid, zinc, B12, D, omegas, mag, cal, etc.) is what's causing much of our health problems today, including menopausal symptoms. Nutrients help make the needed hormones in our body that control mood, sleep, appetite, ovarian cycles, etc. I am 55 and went through menopause easily by fueling my body properly with nutrient-dense foods (fruits, vegetables, and fish, etc.) & good supplements. It's all about money now in the medical world. Don't be fooled. The creator of our bodies has the health-giving substances of life out there in nature. Trust the real doctor.

Here's a good chapter to read out of my book on the history of estrogen and its risks:

Suzanne CT (ASCP)
daughter of a breast cancer survivor & sister of a DES exposed baby.

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How Your Diet May Help With The Menopause
These days it is thought that our diets can control most of the things that happen to us. We can prevent certain health risks and we can keep ourselves healthy, just by eating the right things. Well, the same is true with the menopause. By eating the right things it will help to make the menopause a lot more bearable.

How the Diet Affects the Menopause

You may be wondering just how your diet could affect the menopause and the answer is - in quite a few ways! As we age and the menopause comes into play, our digestive systems tend to weaken and it tends to take longer to digest our food. If we eat foods which are fairly high in calories, our bodies find it a lot harder to deal with and we will end up gaining weight as well as dealing with various health problems. So, the answer to a healthy menopause is a healthy diet.

If you are suffering through the menopause, you may notice quite a few nasty symptoms cropping up! For example, do you feel constantly tired? Are your hot flushes driving you mad? Do you feel constantly irritable? If so, a healthy diet could well be the answer. By eating healthy foods you will notice that your symptoms actually start to ease. So just what should you be eating?

Healthy Eating Tips for the Menopause

There are various things which you should be eating in order to help you cope with the menopause. One of the best foods which you will need to increase your intake of includes fruit.

Fruits such as melons, lemons, oranges and bananas are high in potassium and they generally help to balance Sodium and water retention. Including dried fruit in the diet such as figs will also help with the digestive system. As well as fruit, vegetables are other foods which really do need to be added. Dark leafy vegetables are really good for the health so try and choose something such as kale or spinach as well as pak choi and broccoli. Salad is also included in the list of things you should eat and peppers in particular are great healthy foods to have.

Another healthy eating tip includes cutting down on ordinary potatoes and increasing your intake of sweet potatoes. Not only are they often nicer, but they are a lot better for you too. Pasta can also be introduced more into the diet, as can beans and lentils. These types of foods help to give you energy gradually and they can ease your fatigue symptoms.

Finally, seaweed is a great addition to the diet when you are going through the menopause. It contains natural chemicals which really do help and it can be found in most health food stores.

Overall a healthy diet really does help to ease the symptoms of the menopause so if your diet could do with a little helping hand, try the above tips and you should find your symptoms start to ease over time.

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