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1/9/13 3:38 P

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Hi there.

The visual image that has helped me the most with my anxiety is thinking of it as a wave. When I first notice I'm getting nervous about something, I tend to try to stop the thought, which then seems to gain more power and grow rather than going away. As I started thinking of the anxiety as a wave, and sitting with the feeling rather than stopping it, it would go away more quickly. It has taken practice, but it has helped the anxiety quite a bit.

I also have a stone that comes to mind, but hadn't put energy into it. It's my grounding stone - the one that reminds me that it's okay to be still and just *be* that I don't have to *be* anxious or *be* calm - I can just be in this moment as it is, and that the feeling will pass. It just takes longer to pass sometimes than I want it to.

This next one I'll explain two ways. It helps my daughter, son and me. For my kids, I start with my hand on the top of their head, ask them to breathe, and then physically draw my hand down their back. We do this five times. They are generally calmer by the third time, but I tend to do five, just because. There are days I am holding my hand above their back and go all the way out their feet. Most of the time, it's just to low back/core area. My husband does this for me - hand on top of head, draw down to low back. When I'm by myself or attempting to brush my daughter's tangled hair, it's the same, but not with the physical motion. Breathe in, breathe the energy from the head down along the spinal cord. 5 times.

I hope that makes sense.


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12/10/12 1:04 P

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Hi HappyDem,
There are a number of techniques I use to counteract the anxiety or panic that can hit you out of no where.... hiding is not always possible.
I keep a small stone (well worn, smooth edged and can be picked up anywhere, handy. When I am doing well, I put the stone in the palm of my hand and let it "absorb" the positive energy I am feeling and then I put it in a pocket in my pocketbook, when I am somewhere and I start to feel anxious, I pull out the stone and put in the palm of my hand and remember how it feels to be stress free, anxiety free. I hold onto it tightly and I let it bring calm back... there is no magic in stones but they are tactile reminders of being grounded.
Another one I used is putting my pointer finger to my thumb and I set up a mind image of something that brings a loving feeling back to me. So when the anxiety hits, I simply put my thumb to my pointer finger, close my eyes and take a deep deep breath (You are in control when you are able to do counted breathing) and I let that sensation of the thumb to finger memory back into my heart, my mind and the anxiety passes.
I realize that it takes a while to get these tactile images and feelings well rooted, but if you practice when you are alright, then you will remember to do them when you aren't or feeling threatened by an anxiety... you will be able to use these tactile responses to bring you back to a more comfortable place.
The mind first recognizes the sense of touch when in a panic. So these work very well if they are practiced.
With the stone, I often will give the stone to a friend for a few hours and let their energy "fill it up" so that when I need it, my mind thinks I am borrowing someone else's strength to bring me safely back to safety....
I realize this sounds like magical thinking, but it isn't really, it's what you assign meaning to ... I hope these two help you. They have been helping me for years now. Even though I often don't get to them until I am in a full blown anxiety attack, but even then, I use these (and a host of others) to keep me grounded.

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12/10/12 12:24 P

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Hi there!
well one thing that really is helping me is i try to keep my mind ocupied at all times. If your mind is too busy with one thought it wont have time to indulge in worries, stress etc.etc. try looking up mindfull thinking, this really helps me relax my mind and body within seconds. what you do is concentrate on whatever it is you are doing at that exact moment. Take a deep breath and listen to the noise around you, what is it? is it loud ? is it quiet? smell the air around you it cold? is it hot? is it smelly ? what does it smell like? touch something around you or hold your own hand... how does it feel? is it sweaty? is it cold? breath in and out a couple of times, clear your mind of all worrie and concentrate on whats in front of you at this moment... I love doing not going to lie i have to do it a couple times through out my day .. but it works. Also try some journaling, i personally think its a great way to release all your emotions. What i do is on my phone i have a note pad i use that every time i feel an uneasy feeling that just wont go away even after meditating.. and writting it down really helps because it helps me release all those emotions! try to stay away from cofee...i know this one is hard! i always need my morning cup of joe..Well i hope these suggestions help.
You have a friend here who understands.

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12/10/12 9:16 A

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I take Zoloft which is supposed to help with both my depression and anxiety. I tried Prozac before that which probably helped me more but majorly effed up my sleeping patterns. I really would like to know some coping strategies to prevent anxiety attacks onto help me through one without popping a pill. I really have no coping mechanisms of my own and have just tries to hide the attacks/deal with them until they pass on their own. Thanks in advance for the help.


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