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2/7/11 12:23 A

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I take magnesium, 400 mg/day. I also have a high resting heart rate and migraines (I'm not sure which causes which - migraines cause anxiety causes high heart rate? Anxiety causes high heart rate and migraines? High heart rate causes migraines and anxiety? Who knows), but magnesium is used for ALL of those. It's not a perfect cure - I still deal with all 3 - but I can TOTALLY tell the difference even if I'm an hour late taking it. It ramps everything down, for sure.

I started taking it initially because my neurologist recommended it at as one of the only things I could take while pregnant, and I've never stopped.

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1/16/11 2:04 P

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Was it the magnesium or stopping the coffee that worked? I can't drink coffee or caffeine beverages, they make me too 'twitchy' and oddly enough sweat. ;-P

**Peace & Love :D HOOAH!**

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1/14/11 8:55 A

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My magnesium was low once and my doctor put me on a prescription magnesium. It had a really bad adverse effect on my body as it reacted badly to my other medications. So, I think it is like anything else - if taken in moderation, it may be helpful to some people. I'm glad it's working for you.

God grant me the serenity to change the things I can, to accept the things I cannot change, and the wisdom to know the difference.

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1/14/11 8:30 A

I've been taking magnesium supplements for about a week now, and I went from drinking a pot of coffee a day to only having 1 weak cup of coffee in the morning. My anxiety went from a 10 to about a 2! Magnesium is known as the calming mineral. I'm amazed at the difference in my personality and anxiety level after taking magnesium and stopping the caffeine abuse. I'm not bad-mouthing caffeine, but I was abusing it.
It really messed up my adrenal system, and I feel so much better just having a reasonable cup of coffee each morning. If you are interested, check out some research on-line about magnesium. Also, epsom salt baths are incredibly relaxing, and you can absorb magnesium through your pores from it. Of course, I'm not a health care professional, so do research first and ask your doctor about it.

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Give up everything you love, and everything that tastes good = weight loss! Simple as that!

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"Food is not love, comfort, or an anxiety pill."

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