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6/6/13 7:14 P

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Thanks for your feedback everyone!
Second run went much better ... I think I was caught in a moment of panic after that first run. Looking back, I realize there were factors that contributed to a poor run that night - lack of sleep the night before, not enough/proper fuel beforehand (I had a handful of saltines, like that was gonna go far!), and I think also a little inner fear about re-injuring myself that made me run funny (stride was off).
The first couple of weeks are about evaluation, and I'll have a chance this weekend to discuss and plan with the coach. After that I think I'll feel fully reassured, but I really do appreciate all the input here!
If I could just get out of my own head sometimes...........!!!

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6/6/13 3:05 A

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Just stick with it! Improvements don't happen over night, they take time. You'll get that 2:15 time!

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6/5/13 8:15 P

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Don't be discouraged by your first run. I agree with the others: talk to your coach about your goals.

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6/5/13 2:18 P

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I agree with OFFWERUN. Talk to the coach and have some recent finish times to offer. All training groups should start with the coach recommending the pace group, not you wishfully deciding yourself. The type of program may speed up over time so if you're having difficulty from the start, you may have difficulty later (despite running faster).

If your program doesn't have a coach who makes such recommendations (and who isn't qualified, typically by RRCA), then I would not have any expectations that it's more than a social group; certainly not a "clinic".

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6/5/13 1:14 P

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Hang in with the 2:15's. I remember when I first started running, I ran with a friend (we both were learning) & I struggled every time we went out. For the longest time I struggled, I huffed, I puffed & always wondered how she could talk full sentances. I always kept up, but it was challenging. Then one day it happened...I was talking full sentances with no problems & she commented that she felt she had to boogie to keep up with me. If you continue with the 2:15's you'll eventually be running along side of them the whole way. emoticon

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6/5/13 1:04 P

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In order to run a race at a certain pace you must prepare your body to do so--however, not every run should feel this difficult--you're not only building your body's muscles, bones and connective tissue to run faster, but your energy systems as well.

If this was your first run with the group, I would not throw out the baby with the bath water just yet. Talk with your coach--get his/her take--one concern is that one should never choose a pace group without having some sort of time trial (generally a 3 mile or 30 minute run)--based on your results they will place you in the training group where you should be now with the idea of building speed over time...putting yourself in a training group pace where you want to be but aren't quite there could leave you with overtraining issues further down the road or worse--an injury.

Just my two cents--


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6/5/13 12:37 P

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I agree ... three months to improve is not too much to ask for. One thing to look at is the level of the half coming up and the level of the path you are practicing on. Figure out just how many hills there will be. Practice on a similar route so you have a good idea of what to expect.

BTW, my new half goal less than 2:30 ...

Good luck and good training!

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6/5/13 12:37 P

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I've run HM's from 2:32 to 2:13, so, yes, of course it can be done. Definitely stick with the 2:15 group. Don't be discouraged if you are bringing up the rear a few more times. Sooner or later you will be holding your own. You have nothing to gain by dropping to the 2:30 group.

6/5/13 12:28 P

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I am not an expert, but I say stick with it!! You already know that you can do it in 2:30 and want to improve. the 2:15ers will help you push yourself to the next level. Sounds like they are pretty supportive and you know when you need to slow down and listen to your body.

First days out are never the best but it usually gets better.

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6/5/13 12:18 P

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I will be running my 3rd HM this coming September. My personal best is 2:29 and I'd love to run a 2:15. I've always run on my own and kind of made up my own "training" schedule based on various plans I found online. I figured a great way to try and meet my new goal would be to join a local running clinic. The clinic runs from now until race day, about 17 weeks.
Our first run was last night (4.5K), and I joined the 2:15 group. I was able to keep up for the first half of the distance, running mid-pack, but then started falling back. And back. And back some more until I was at the end of the line, huffing and puffing like it was my first day ever running. The group always has 2 leaders - one at the front and one at the back - and the back lead stuck with me and was really great at helping me get through the end of the run.
I know it was only the first run, but I'm a little discouraged and a lot worried that maybe I've set too ambitious a goal for myself. Is it unrealistic to think I can shave 15 minutes off my time?
It will really feel like such a defeat to drop down to the 2:30 pace group, but I also don't want to hold back the 2:15'ers. I'm going to try a few more runs with this group before I decide, but wondering if anyone has a similar experience or suggestions....

"Tough times don't last but tough people do." ~ A.C. Green

"Everything you need is already inside." ~ Bill Bowerman

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