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12/20/12 11:50 P

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I don't know about twitching, Nancy. Last time I had one of those fits, She(WMBO) called the doctor.

Anyway, I really do like the half marathon. I can run one of those every week. But running 10ks and below are also fun. It's a good workout and I am done before my Saturday totally gets away from me. After a Half I feel entitled to sit around and get nothing done.

This year's balance was 24 races. 13 half marathons, 1 Twenty miler, and 10 races 10k or less. Of course, I did run a daily double ... a 10k and a 5k on the same day.

The idea is to have fun. Mix it up if you like the distances. (For me, I found the marathon fun/work ration way below 1.0. Somewhere around 0.25. So marathons are off my list.)

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12/20/12 1:19 P

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I think perhaps it is just where you are in life. It sounds like you are in a position where you can dedicate time to train and really enjoy those longer distances. Due to my work (military) I need to excel at short (enough to pass our bi-annual requirements) despite the fact I am working on expanding into a distance runner.

I'm glad you find the long runs enjoyable and are able to do them. That's a win in my book

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12/20/12 1:14 P

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Thanks so much everyone. I very much appreciate your thoughts and comments.

The Half Marathon training has definitely been life changing. Running use to be a love/hate thing. The longer distances have made me love running so much more.

Several of you said that the longer distance training made them faster in their shorter runs. I'm running a 5K race about 3 weeks after my Half. It will be very interesting to see if my time improves.

But you know, even if it doesn't, it will be okay because I'm learning that the best part is running, just running.

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12/20/12 12:48 P

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We are all probably better suited for one type of run over another and that is likely where, with proper training, you'll see your best results. That doesn't mean, however, that you can't run and enjoy any distance.

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12/20/12 12:32 P

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I agree. There is room for both. One year I tend to concentrate more on the longer distances and one on the shorter ones, but that doesn't mean that I rule out one or the other. I just change my focus to which ones I want to improve my performance in.

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12/20/12 12:30 P

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You don't have to concentrate on one or the other - you can do both. I am assuming you are following a plan which will have you running varying distances at varying speeds. The bonus of the distance training is that you will naturally become faster at short distances. Since you are currently training for a distance race, concentrate on that plan, but if you find a 5K or 10K that you want to do that fits in with your schedule, go for it.

As far as whether runners are better suited to long or short distances, I think that's true to the extent of what people prefer. When I first started running I did only 5Ks, and the thought of running 5 miles or more just seemed out of reach and honestly, not very appealing to me. However, once I started training for my first HM, I found that I LOVED longer distances. I do not limit myself to be just a short distance or long distance runner. It's just two different approaches when training, and personally, I like variety in anything I do.


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12/20/12 12:29 P

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Can runners be better suited to one distance or another? will probably never see Usain Bolt run a marathon or half marathon for that matter or Ryan Hall race the 100 meter...our genetics (fast twitch to slow twitch ratio), training and desire have a lot to do with our ability. That being said, studies have shown that women tend to do better at endurance training...this may have to do with our higher fat percentages which help us fuel our runs.

I wish you luck on your is truly my favorite distance.

Coach Nancy

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12/20/12 12:27 P

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emoticon on reaching the halfway mark of your training program, and for discovering a new joy in running the distances! This was the true gift of training for me, too :)

After my first HM (2 months ago), I ran 5k, 10k and 5-mile races. They were all faster than most of my previous times, so I think that--for me--HM training helps me run the shorter distances better/faster. It might be the same for you. As you are discovering as you convert yourself from a "3 miler" to a "13.1 miler", there are no fixed limits...we can each be whatever kind of runner we wish to be! How great is that?

We are each unique, so why not try mixing it up and see what you like? The wonderful thing about running is that you can always change your goal and it's possible to reach them all--you don't have to "give up" a 5K goal to achieve your 15k goal, just pick the focus and go after it!

Good luck to you as you complete your training! Looking forward to your HM race report!

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12/20/12 11:59 A

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I do a mix of distances, just to keep it interesting, since I do both long and short runs as part of my training. However, since my first HM is in March, I'm not doing any 5k races until after that's done and I figure out when I want to run my next one. I have a 10k race planned for February, but that's being done in place of one of my medium distance runs as part of my training program for the HM.

I'd say do what interests you and what benefits the causes you believe in the most. That's what I'm doing.


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12/20/12 11:45 A

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For the past 15 years I have been focused on running 5Ks. Three miles always seemed such a long way.

Then last year, while volunteering for the Rock n Roll half-marathon, I vowed I would run the next one (Feb 2013).

Well, with training on longer runs and recently running my first 10K, I've discovered that I enjoy the long distances - a LOT! In fact, I get better then longer I go. I run smoother and faster as the miles pile on. Who Knew?!

My goal for 2013 was to run a 5K in less than 30 minutes, but I now I am realizing that I might be better at running long than running fast. Suddenly, I am not sure what I should pursue, my lifetime 5K goal, or a new 10K or 15K goal.

Can runners be better suited to one distance or another? Should I explore longer distances and perhaps shift my 2013 focus?

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