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TOPIC:   carb/protein ratio when running AND weight lifting 

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5/22/12 12:00 P

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Coach Nancy,

Do you mean not to consume more than 35-42 grams at a SITTING or the whole day? My SP nutrition tracker has me consuming 60-155 grams of protein.

I'm guessing you mean at a sitting/one time vs the whole day. Thanks.

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5/18/12 10:57 P

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Hi NJ5050,

Try not to get too caught up in the proper ratio...several years ago 4:1 carbs to protein was all the rage but the new theory is as long as you are getting is some carbs and protein after your runs and strength training sessions you should be fine. Remember too, that your body can only metabolize so much protein at one time so consuming more than 35-42 grams, any excess will be stored as fat. This is why you need to eat protein and healthy carbs throughout the day.

Coach Nancy

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5/18/12 10:48 P

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I currently run between 15-23 miles a week and am also training for a weight lifting competition and trying to lost 12 more pounds. I am confused about the proper protein/carb ratio, given these three very different goals. It seems I should increase protein to help with my weight lifting, but I still want to fuel my running, which helps my weight loss a lot, even though my running is not particularly intense right now (no races until the fall). Any advice?

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