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5/18/12 9:21 P

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Thanks for this information, everybody. I will be watching this thread closely, and I have continuously struggled to lose weight while training.


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5/18/12 11:41 A

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I agree - update your weight on Spark at least 1 time every 2 your calorie burn so you don't under eat.

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5/17/12 4:31 P

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Hi, that is a very good question. I have lost over 50 pounds while training to run half marathons and now a marathon. It is very tricky trying to lose weight and still have enough nutrition to fuel your body properly.

What I did was with the help of lots of research I compared answers from tools and calculators that told me how many calories per day I needed to maintain my weight at the activity level I am at (training 6 days per week almost an hour a day and over 2 hours once a week). Then I subtracted 500 calories per day and that's what the middle of my daily claorie target is. I also know that I need about 60-65% carbs to feel right and then I split good fats and proteins with the remainder of calories that I need. I tweaked the tracker manually to show my goals. I used the tracker religiously and ate the correct portions as well and I lost a pound a week and am still going. I have 15-20 more to go to reach what I have calculated as my optimal weight for running marathons.

Good luck! It is fun to watch the weight come off and still be able to train.

By the way it is incredible how much faster you get when you lose the weight. I lost 15 pounds from November to April 1st and knocked off 9 minutes from my half marathon time. I've been running off and on for 40 years and I have never seen such a dramatic drop in time that quick. It was the weight. It has been the greatest motivator in sticking to my diet. I can't wait until I get back to eating for maintenance, hopefully before my September 30th marathon where I hope to qualify for the Boston Marathon for the first time.


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5/17/12 4:27 P

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I usually do not have time to eat 30 minutes before a run but can consume a emoticon and I found that really helps. They are a source of carbs too.

As for calories in, I was on a running website page and according to them, no the calories SP recommends is not enough for the output. Please note, I was at goal when I checked this out. However, i could not fathom consuming the amount it suggested! I found this on 2 websites and my biggest looser scale. I actually stuck w/ SP amount. Good luck!

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5/17/12 3:58 P

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My training does well at 50% carbs, good hydration and 8 hours or more of sleep. Tracking can be useful in making sure you don't overeat on calories but reach 50% of carbs. I know, otherwise, I tend to eat more calories for fuel when I, in fact, do not need that much.


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5/17/12 3:41 P

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That's an interesting point, Coach Nancy. My carb levels are generally under 40% of my daily intake. I'm fine unless I run early (before breakfast) and then I tend to tire really fast. I might have to try upping my carbs when I get back into "training mode" (I fear this like the plague... I gain weight when I eat too many carbs!)

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5/17/12 3:29 P

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As long as your weekly calories burn goal is current based on the amount you are running, you should be fine. On your run days, this may be where you eat at the upper end of your range to help repair the muscles and load your glycogen stores.

As for as the carbs...this will vary. Some people do better with 50% carbs, others training for longer endurance events may need to up their intake to closer to 65%.

If you are running under an hour, you really do not need to worry too much about refueling after your runs, UNLESS you have done some high intensity intervals and then you will want to have a snack of carbs/protein when you are done with your run...something like a banana and yogurt or string cheese and an apple.

I hope this helps!

Coach Nancy

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5/17/12 3:22 P

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I'm sure this has probably been a thread before, but I recently began training and I have noticed large changes in appetite as I've added 3-mile runs to my life.

I have been using my SP Nutrition Tracker to log my food every day to make sure that I don't go over in calories...but I had a couple questions that aren't really answered anywhere on SP.

1. If I'm running and let's say I burn 500 calories in a short it OK for me to still stay within my SP cal limits for the day or am I shortchanging my body? i.e. Does my body need MORE fuel? And how do I get that to reflect in my tracker? (I am in a weight loss phase too...that's important to note...I have 90 or so lbs left to go)

2. There are ways for me to track nutrients and key things like fiber - and I do. there a guideline on, say, an amount of carbs I should be adding to my basic nutrition plan simply because I'm running off so much of the food I'm putting in to my body?

I hope those questions make sense. My main concern here is that I *think* I'm doing well because I'm coming in every day in my target calorie range, but in reality my body might enter starvation mode because of my increased activity level with running.

Thanks for any advice and help!!!


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