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1/24/13 6:14 P

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Dear You smug faced, momma's boy,

*Spits on page*

And that's STILL too good for you!

Cassandra :)

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5/18/12 11:52 P

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Whoa, an ex-acquaintance-with-benefits, from many years ago from an earlier life of mine,
was on tv last night and i felt nada.

i realized what an ignorant, cold fish he always was to me and he never changed and i couldn't care less.

most people in my life are like him. cold and stupid.

except for my most recent friend-with-benefits. he was different and lovely, but he is gone, gone, gone.

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Regards from annrose126,
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4/23/12 12:51 P

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Dear Mr. Won't Stay Gone

I caught you cheating on me, sure it was just an online thing but after you asked me to Marry you, you should not be telling your internet girlfriend that you love her and she's so special and the most beautiful women you have ever seen. So broke up with you! After all you lied to me about this for two and half weeks and blamed it all on your co- workers stealing your phone and using because they are so immature.

Then you called me saying how much you loved me and all that... and how much you wanted me back because you were so miserable. I say maybe and then as I watched for you to grow up it turned into yes. Next thing I knew there were tons of little issues.... most I didn't even know about. SO you said you needed space and next thing I know you dumped me on Facebook! Its been a month now but since you dumped me and I reamed you out for it, because I dersevered better then that.

But since you broke up with me you won't say gone! Text messages saying "I Miss You" and all that other stuff. You still want to know about my life and work but not really willing to share the basic of your own life. I am done with you, and I am not going to let you play games with me any more!! you were in my life and you chose to walk out of it... that spot you had is no longer available to you! That was easy filled with my hobbies that I put off to be with you.

And now you texted me again last night so I know that you will driving through town on Wednesday. I don't want to see you on my step, but for some strange reason I think I will. What is going take for you get the hint? I am so done with you, although you know me well enough to be able to weasel your way back into my life. I will find the strength to kick you back out. I am an amazing women, with the beginnings of a good career, financial indepenant and too good to dragged into your jr. high mind games, especially since you tried to put all the blame on me for our relationship problems!

You need to grow up, and act your age and maybe you should consider moving out of Mommy's and Daddy's place. And don't even think your welcome here, I have a nice place and I am not sharing with you!! I may not be totally over you yet... but I am almost there.

SO long and buddy stay gone!

From. The best woman you know!

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3/31/12 9:28 A

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Dear Mr. "I'm in the military therefore I'm better than everyone".

I'm so sorry I misunderstood you. When you said, "I love you, and want you to move in with me" I thought that meant, I love you, and want you to move in with me. I didn't know that meant, as soon as you start packing and sign the lease, you would fall out of love with me and decide you wanted to be single. Thanks for being a douchebag. Im embarrassed to say that someone like you represents our country as a hero.

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3/15/12 2:38 P

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Dear Mr. I'm Incapable of the Truth,
Yeah, you really didn't think me and your best friend (who has been friends with me since long before he knew you) would tell me everything? Like how you always told him that we were never really dating and that you were just using me for one thing only? How vain are you that you think you're untouchable? Oh, and I'm just SO sorry for telling people we were dating. I guess the words "be my girlfriend" threw me off a bit. I'll make sure not to jump to conclusions the next time someone says that to me. You did an amazing job acting the part of the caring boyfriend though. I'll make sure you at least get nominated for an oscar.

Sincerely never yours again,
the best damn thing you ever had.

P.S. I told everyone about how you called me crying the morning after you broke up with me. Not so macho now, are you?

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1/4/11 9:11 P

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Dear Mr.Too Cool To Care,
Starting today I'm going to put myself before you. I just deleted your phone number and unfriended you on facebook. It feels like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I need to stop thinking back to the good times when we first met and I didn't know all of your sides. I kept thinking you'd change, but all you did is make me cry. I'm tired of breaking my heart over and over for you. You aren't worth the pain. You messed up college for me by breaking up with the me the first day of sophomore year and sending me into a depression. You're still tooling me around to this day and I'm done. You told me you love me but aren't in love with me. I'm sick of your childish communication issues and your problem with being cared for. I know in my heart someone out there will love me for me. Someone out there won't laugh at my dreams. You and your friends make fun of the weight I've gained since I met you and I'm sick of it. You helped me undo everything I worked so hard for by stressing me out. I turned to food for the happiness I could never find with you. I'm not going to be the weak girl you seduced anymore. I'm so much more than an object and I don't need your approval or for you to tell me I'm "one in a million" while you treat me like dirt. Do me a favor and stay out of my life for good. I'm mad at myself for wasting so much time on you.
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11/15/10 6:03 A

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Dear A##,
We got together the year before last on Christmas eve at the gym. You were insulting to me even then, pointing out that you would call me even though you knew that inside I didn't think I deserved all that you had going on. You thought you were a trainer when I know more about truing than you do from the years I have spent working out in a gym. I gave you my number because it was christmas eve and your attitude towards me changed drastically in the few minutes we spoke, telling me how beautiful I was.
You called three weeks later and asked why i hadn't been at the gym when you had been, that you had been looking for me. I had seen you three times and tried to speak to you and you had brushed me off like lint. You apologized and said you were looking for work because the personal trainer thing wasn't working out as well as you had expected it to. I went out with you, you made me feel happy. You told me that night, on our first date, that you didn't approve of my going to school and not working. You actually said it was waste of your time.
On our third date you knocked my tooth loose and fell over yourself apologizing for it. By the time you brought me home it had become "That tooth needs to come out anyway, I keep telling you that," when we had never had any such conversation.
Every holiday, especially my birthday, you stayed as far away from me as possible eventually calling and saying sarcastically how you knew how holidays were supposed to be spent better than I did. I don't even want to go into that mess but it just hit me as cruel and bizarre that on my birthday you wouldn't even see me, or give me a card. You asked me what I was going to do for you for my birthday because you said you knew that would make me happiest.
Our relationship carried on mostly in your absence because you didn't want to see me much. My grandmother died in January and five days later you picked me yup to have me buy you a birthday gift. Let me point out here that I broke up with you four times and still you called whining and begging me to see you again. What can I say? You are gorgeous and I felt lucky to have you wanting me.
You attacked me that night and I have had a restraining order out since late January. Part of me wants you to be here for the holidays, but you aren't somebody who celebrates holidays or so you told me. You did, you just didn't want anything to do with me. I honestly think you're married and I feel so sorry for anyone who would be married to your pathetic soul that thinking of how much you don't feel makes me feel better.
I wish I hadn't cared for you. I wish it were easy and although I know it's for the best we did have our good times. But together with the bad they don't even out enough to justify what you put me through. I changed gyms because of you, something I shouldn't have had to do. Yes, a lot of it was my paranoia about seeing you and the reality of hearing you say things about me to other woman and men alike.
I want to say merry Christmas but you wouldn't care. You didn't even say Merry Christmas me when we met or the next day, which was christmas.

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6/26/10 9:49 A

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"I just want you to know that you are no longer in control of my emotional state. When I am angry at you for the things you say to our children I workout. I have learned that kick boxing, yoga and getting on my exercise bike are great ways to deal with Daddy drama. The more you stress me out, the more calories I burn. I really do feel better after I workout. Maybe I should thank you. The best part of all of this is that as I get smaller you seem to be getting bigger."

I was just wondering if this would be a good topic. For those of you who have to see your ex because of the kids. How are you dealing with the drama?

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