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3/25/10 11:38 A

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As long as you are mindful of your problems and work at centering yourself through your meditations and devotions, it should be easier to uplift yourself. A lot of people think that Deity is there to uplift them, but for the most part Deity gives us the space to do it for ourselves.

When you are centered, ask yourself what blessings and gratitudes you have in your life. Another excellent resource is Rob Brezsny's book, "Pronoia is the Antidote to Paranoia".


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3/25/10 11:35 A

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Two things that might help you... and bear with me, I know it sounded so stupidly trite when I first heard them:

"This is mine, that is yours" Yeah, it's kind of a dumb mantra, but I've found that when I start getting spun up/stressed/depressed/whatever because a friend is sharing an upsetting story it's useful to remember that I am not the one with the job/marital/money/kid problems, they are.

"Can I do anything about it right now?" Something is worrying you. That's fine. Have you done everything you can do about it right now? Yes? Then drop it and wait until you can move on the next step of the plan. For example: Your work announces layoffs happening next Friday. You don't know if your department - or you personally - will be affected. OK. Brush off your resume, maybe talk to your boss, figure out the process for filing unemployment (or at least know who to call/where to go). Check your budget and see what you can scrimp. Now, nothing else to do until the layoffs themselves happen. You're as prepared as you can be if you do get laid off, and if not... well, why worry about it?

Does that make sense? Hopefully it's helpful.

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3/25/10 7:26 A

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i HAVE A WEEKLY PRAYERS AND AFF. REG. I DO THREE TIMES A DAY, BUT SOMETIMES IT DOESN'T HELP WHEN I AM AT MY LOWEST. sorry about the caps didn't realize they were on. Morning, afternoon, and evning. I have done alot of research and i take really good lessons from all of the religions available to me but even buhda can't calm me sometimes.I wish i could take more of a spiritual "oh- well attitude" towards a lot of things that are done but when it involves me and my family directly... well that is another matter entirely. I want to love all and try my hardest but sometimes some people just make it so darn difficult. Hate, greed, selfishness....I don't like them one bit. I honestly wish i could meet some of you in person because you guys seem to be very nice and really giving and supportive. I am the only Wiccan in my home and i get sssooo lonely following my path, but i wll never falter because the lord and lady have done so much for me and shown me so much. They have even shownme how to deal with most of the anger i feel about my i wish i knew what to do about my anger for the present. The stress i feel is litterally killing my family right now, because i have noticed when i am calm my 2-year-old is calm and doesn't try to hurt himself,but when i am stresed that is when chaos ensues. For some reason all the bad seems to find it'd way to may door and force itself in and it is getting fustrating. Sometimes the prayers and affirmations work, nost of the time they work, but lately it seems that the bad things just keep getting stronger or there are more of them. I concider laziness to be a bad thing and lately there has been no energy for me even when i do force myself to move. When i force the issue i start to get light headed and then i have to sit down. I am hypoglycemic but this doesn't feel like that it feels like and invasion for outside of me. I need help and i need strength. Lots of love to all of you and thnx for listening or reading as it were. lol

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