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8/20/10 1:47 A

HOLLISTER52's SparkPage
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hope it is ok to mention my meds. It took me 5 doctors, years and a psychiatrist telling me it was all in my head before a rheumatologist diagnosed me. On 1 hand it was a blessing to finally have a diagnosis but on the other hand, it scared me that there is no cure and little medication for the condition. Cymbalta has been the best antidepressant/pain med that I was put on. I am also on the max of lyrica (which causes weight gain) but helps with the pain. This month my rheumatologist added piroxicam. I just take 1 in the am but I feel great. Cant wait to exercise, sew, read, work in yard. Beware of plaquenil-I was on it for 8 months and was diagnosed with macular degeneration of my left eye. Once off the medicine, it hasn't gotten worse, but will never improve.

CATWOMAN91's Photo Posts: 30
8/2/10 12:21 P

CATWOMAN91's SparkPage
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Just wanted to share my recent experience with my family doctor of 11 years. I've suffered from depression for years but its always been fairly controlled until last year when I had a major depressive episode (there were a variety of things going on in my life at the time which may have contribed to this!) I went off work again this past Feb. Most of my episodes are physical: overwhelming fatigue, lack of concentration, memory problems, physical pain, the list goes on and on. I was told once again it was all due to depression but I did not feel depressed. Last week I went back to my family doctor and tried to talk to him about these ongoing symptoms. His reply??: In so many words, he told me I was a fraud who was looking for a label to stay off work. I cried like a baby. When I asked if it could be fibro or chronic fatigue, he told me that these terms just referred to clinical observations when nothing can be found. He says there is no scientific evidence to suppport these so called "diseases". Needless to say, I felt crushed. I am now looking for another family doctor. i can't give up hope of finding help because of the moronic attitude of one asshole.

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7/25/10 5:27 P

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You need to find a new Doctor ASAP. A doctor should never ignore it when you stop taking a med because it is not helping. Fibro can cause confusion and memory issues so it may be realted to that or it could be something else, but in either case you need to find a new Doctor.

Take Care,


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7/25/10 4:19 P

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Okay, I didn't realize it until yesterday, but I am not thinking clearly. I find it hard to complete sentences and complete thoughts. I know this is effecting my job, and my DM looks at me like I am crazy. However, the stress of working has increase x3. Is this apart of the fibrin? I have been on Zoloft for over 2 years now. I quit taking it, because it wasn't working for me. Whenever I tell my doctor that he ignores me. So I am trying to find a new doctor in my area.

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