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11/25/13 10:53 A

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We are in the burbs but close enough to Chicago that we get a LOT of traffic here so, not too much wildlife around. I've only seen birds, dogs, and been pelted with apples and acorns by the squirrels. The squirrels tend to run out in front of a bike the same way they do with cars and while I haven't hit any (so far), I always envision myself trying to miss one and getting flung into traffic.

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11/25/13 10:04 A

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In the moment, I believed the elk I saw were hulking carnivorous demon beasts. So I believe you saw a pterodactyl.

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11/25/13 9:04 A

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A pterodactyl. it was some kind of crane. My son didn't believe me either!!


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11/25/13 9:00 A

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While road riding we have been chased not only by the usual dogs and squirrels, but also a cat and horses (one was in a fence, one was not). We have also seen snakes and a variety of birds. While mountain bike riding in Cade's Cove we have seen deer, bear, and a copperhead snake. On the trails and forest service roads at home we have seen a legless lizard, bob cat, turkey, deer, squirrels, rats, and a variety of snakes.


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11/24/13 10:44 P

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Man, I am jealous of all of you! I live in a suburb of Phoenix and I don't see much wildlife. I see some ducks and big fish because I ride along side of a canal. Then I pass a dairy farm, where I pedal very fast because cows stink. I pass someone that has horses and a few goats. I often see a cat and I always meow at them, I don't know why.

Today I saw an actual wild animal. I saw a hawk. YAY, me!

I love reading everyone's stories!

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11/24/13 10:26 P

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Once,while the Hubs and I were riding in Chamna Natural Area during high water, we encountered a beaver swimming along one of the flooded trails. We yielded right of way.

I used to ride along the John Wayne Trail on my commute, even after getting off work at 10 p.m. One night, my head lamp died and my head light was not that bright. I have an over-active imagination, so riding along an completely unlit trail had my nervous system on high alert. (I have an atavistic fear of the dark. Scary things await in the dark.) At one point, I could tell there was something on the trail ahead of me, but I couldn't make out what it was. Then it turned its head and I could see the reflected glow of its eyes. It was several elk, about 30-40' ahead of me. They were as freaked out as I was. The trail is closed after sunset, so animals usually have free reign.

I ran over a snake once, too. I felt terrible - I thought it was a stick until I was almost on top of it.

I used to spook the marmots around Spokane a lot, too. There's a similar creature that lives along the riverbank here. I can't recall what they are, but they seem a little shyer than Spokane's marmots.

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Love God. Love your neighbor. Change the world. It really is that simple.

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11/24/13 10:12 P

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Love it!!

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11/24/13 8:37 P

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Birds of all sorts, not a birder so I wouldn't know all the varieties, but other riders have helped me learn: cormorants, loons, swans, bald eagles, falcons, owls, blue herons and other more ordinary varieties.

I've seen some fox and although there is a bear crossing sign near my home I haven't had the pleasure of an introduction to one as yet.

Once while riding down a long steep hill with another rider we came upon a doe and her fawn grazing along the shoulder and startled them into a gallop along side us which I thought was pretty cool company until the doe decided to leap ACROSS THE ROAD IN FRONT OF ME! Fortunately she leapt either high enough or far enough in front of me that my braking avoided any collision! The other rider was behind me which she said was a good thing or she would have

I once met a recalcitrant mutt while whizzing down a hill who was bound to stop me, squatting dead center in my path. I swerved to miss him but he gave chase and OOPS got one of paws clipped by my front tire. Perhaps his sharp yip indicated a lesson had been learned? :-)


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11/24/13 8:03 P

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When I started riding solo this summer I had just left the house, was fiddling with my computer,& nearly ran over a mighty long snake when i was distracted. It was quite large, so it was likely a non poisonous one, but still!!

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11/24/13 7:42 P

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You have me all beat. I have only seen deer and wild turkeys on my rides!

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11/24/13 7:10 P

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Wow ... you both beat me in the dangerous animal department ... the most dangerous thing I ever see is some loose dog barreling out of the driveway!

I mean, I've seen deer, eagles, etc ... but nothing that would eat me. (Well, ok ... maybe the dog might if I slathered peanut butter over myself.)

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11/24/13 4:16 P

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Mostly moose... at least several per summer while mountain biking, and black bear; both on the mountain bike trails and on the paved trails while riding a road bike.
(Thank goodness I haven't run into any grizzlies yet, but we both avoid those trails which parallel salmon streams in the summer.)

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11/24/13 3:42 P

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I was cycling around Charleston with my boyfriend at the time. We were just tooling around aimlessly when we came upon a lake about the size of a football field. There was a tour trolley car ahead of us, and we heard the conductor say, "You can just spot a huge alligator on the opposite bank right now." We saw it, and that thing was ENORMOUS--I'm talking at least 15 feet and THICK. The alligator proceeded to slide into the water. There were no fences at this place. Needless to say, I think I set my personal best sprint speed getting the heck out of there.

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