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10/16/13 11:16 P

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First - to PMBOURQUE ... I know when I first got my clipless (which was only this past year) ... my foot got sore when I had the clips set too close to the front of my foot ... but ... am not sure if that was due to the setting or me being new to it.

Next ... the foot down question...Aponi_KB - I am the same as you! I put my LEFT foot down, and keep my right foot clipped in.

At first I tried to do it the opposite ... as I told myself that if there is a curb then it would likely be that I want my RIGHT foot unclipped. But every time I tried teaching myself to do that naturally I almost fell.

I can sort of do the RIGHT foot down (left foot still clipped in) if I have to ... but it feels more natural for me to do it opposite I admit.

I think that for me, I like having my RIGHT foot clipped in, as it is my stronger leg...and so when I start, it is the RIGHT foot that I use to power out of a start.

At least that is my reasoning :)

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10/16/13 7:38 P

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That sounds like it might be a hot spot. I get them fairly frequently. I will shake out my foot while riding, or if its really bad, I have to stop, take off my shoe, and massage my foot. Takes just a moment, and then it's okay for awhile. Hot spots come from too tight shoes which restrict blood flow or pinch a nerve. I can sometimes just loosen the straps on the shoe and that relieves it. I'm due for a new pair in 2014 and I'm going to get them at least a half size larger.

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10/16/13 2:12 P

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When I stop, I put my left foot down to balance on...because, well, Science!

The physical part is that I am right handed and the right side of my body is stronger than the left. I have a lot of weight and a heavy bike to get pushed off so I start with my right foot at the top to get me moving. I have arthritis in both hips and both knees, but the right knee is in better shape and in the hip, it is along the top of my hip bone....whereas on the left, the knee is alot worse and the arthritis is in the joint. So it is easier for me physically to get started using the strength in my right leg.

The physics part is that I don't have a fancy bike, I have about one of the cheapest bikes you can find, but the tires are round and its pretty, lol! I have to back pedal to brake and with the right side of my body being stronger, I just naturally brake with that foot at the top...leaving my left foot at the bottom, so when I come to a stop, I just put my left foot on the ground.

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10/16/13 12:00 P

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I sometimes get a hotspot in the area of my cleat, but it's not the pain you're describing. I do what you do. If I can coast, I'll unclip, and raise my foot so it's hovering over the back wheel (toes pointed toward the other side of the bike). I think that stretches everything a bit.

As to the original question, I almost always mount from the left (fewer chain ring tattoos) and I almost always put my right foot down when stopped. I like that it means I can lean away from the car next to me (and I'm sure the driver likes it, too); It also lets me rest my foot on the curb (if there is one close), which lets me stretch my calf muscle.

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10/16/13 11:06 A

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I have a question for you guys. I used biking shoes that clip in, and a lot of the time my feet really hurt on the bottom after a while. I have to unclip, shake my foot around, and then clip back in. Has anyone else experienced this?

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10/16/13 10:54 A

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I've been trying to switch up the coasting thing too - same reason.

Now people are going to be thinking about it and crash. oops

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10/16/13 10:33 A

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Ummm both actually. Even though I think I still favor my right foot. My best guess would be right 60% and left 40% of the time.

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10/16/13 10:27 A

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Right for me, even though I'm a lefty.

Another thing I've found is that when I coast or stand in the saddle I usually have my left foot down. I've been trying to vary that though as over distance I find that my left leg has a tad more fatigue.


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10/16/13 10:08 A

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I mean literally putting your foot down - say at a traffic light.

I'm curious because the first time I went on a group ride when we all stopped I realized that everyone but me put their right foot down.

I tried the right foot - it felt awkward but I decided to work on that because you never know when there may be a reason that you might need to very quickly unclip and put either foot down. But then I started wondering why everyone but me is going at this backwards.


I'm right handed - also I overanalyze things.

I figure it probably has to do with the summers I spent as a kid riding horses on my grandparents' farm. There is probably some historical reason for it that involves swords or something but by convention you mount a horse from its left. By that I mean if you don't want to get bitten or kicked you mount a horse from the left.

maybe I'm just weird
always a possibility

I am the only one I have to live with for the rest of my life

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