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8/13/12 10:02 A

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KJEANNE, My coworker often tells me, "I don't know how you don't float away", because I drink constantly, even when I'm not exercising. I guess it's just my body, but I sure seem to drink way more than anyone else. Luckily in hot weather I sweat it out so I don't have to stop for bathroom breaks too often. There's nothing worse than getting dropped by the group because you had to stop and pee, then trying to catch back up.
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8/9/12 3:35 P

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Blue -
Your water consumption is not excessive for your body! I need lots of water too but that's because I take a diuretic for high blood pressure, I had sweaty hot flashes and I exercise! So not only to I drink a lot but, with the diuretic, I pee a lot. I know where every bathroom and appropriate bush is along my regular routes! I am in the habit of stopping ever when I don't have the urge to pee.

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8/8/12 12:23 P

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For me it is all dependent on the weather. During a longer summer ride - 30 to 50 miles - I will go through a 24oz water bottle per hour. During the late fall and winter with the same distance, one water bottle every 1.5 hours. During extreme heat - summer afternoon commute with a 105+ heat index - I have gone through 2 bottle in under an hour.

I will tend to cary more water than I need. I would rather have water left in the bottles when I get home, than run out on the road.

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8/7/12 1:06 A

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I'm with Don - I limit my water based on how familiar I am with the location of the "rest stops" emoticon . I don't do very long rides anyway - 10 to 12 miles are my longest. I also sweat a lot but usually go through less than one 20 oz bottle and then drink after I get to campus and take a shower. I also play racquetball quite a bit for up to two hours and don't really feel thirsty until afterward.


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8/6/12 2:22 P

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It seems some of us do just indeed require more water. It's a bit of a hassle, but I plan around it. I learned my lesson after an metric century that left me cramping and dehydrated. I had two bottles which I drank and refilled at each SAG stop, but still, between the last stop and the finish (about 12 miles I think) I ran out of water and started cramping badly.

I think if I ever try a century, I shall have to replace my seat bag with a bag of IV fluids and a needle in my arm...
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8/6/12 11:31 A

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I drink more the warmer and more humid the weather is. I now have a 70oz Camelbak that I use on my rides, typically 2 + hours. But I too drink more than what others post. I usually ride alone so don't have anyone to compare to. Before the Camelbak I would bring 2-24oz bottles and a 20oz bottle in the car for after the ride and would be out before the ride finished. I think some people just need more water than others. This weekend was cooler and I rode for about 2 hours and still had 16 oz left in my Camelbak.


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8/6/12 11:08 A

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I tend to drink less while riding and more afterward to replenish. I think it's more a matter of pragmatic concerns such as where is the next bathroom going to be...? :-)

This weekend's 70 miler I drank two bottles on the road (probably 24 oz each), but afterward downed 4 bottles. I sweat a lot on my rides or during any exercise...BIGTIME sweat always!


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8/6/12 11:04 A

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This isn't a "problem" really, but I'm curious if anyone else has the same issue I do. Does anyone drink an excessive amount of liquids while cycling? By excessive, I mean way more than anyone else you're riding with?

For example, on Saturday's 50 mile ride I downed about 90 ounces of water/Gatorade. For comparison, plenty of guys did fine with their two water bottles, which were all about 20 oz I'd guess. I carried 3 bottles (2-25 oz, 1-20 oz, which was refilled once). I've learned over time that I have to carry a lot more than most riders. No matter the temperature, or the pace of the ride, I simply drink a lot. If I don't, I start cramping up pretty quickly.

Now, for the record, I've always been hot-natured, and my doctor has noted that my body temp seems to run high. I sweat a lot, and I drink a lot even when not exercising. As I said, I've just learned to prepare for it, but I'm really curious to see if anyone else has (or knows someone who has) the same issue.
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