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TOPIC:   A little advice on training please!! 

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AMOHAME2's Photo Posts: 1,553
5/3/12 9:49 A

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Thanks for the advice!! I'm definitely expecting to be sore after the ride, particularly in the "seat" region! I'm more worried about Day Two and having to get back in the saddle (literally) after the first long and potentially grueling day of riding! Going for a 42K ride today and 55-60K on Saturday morning, so yup, those miles are slowly adding up!

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BEVPRESLEY's Photo SparkPoints: (126,779)
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Posts: 9,509
5/3/12 9:01 A

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I say get in as many miles as you can. They don't have to be one big ride, just ride. Is the ride supported with rest stops and food/water? Take advantage of the stops, but don't stay too long. My legs tend to get stiff if I stop for more than about 10 minutes. Enjoy meeting some of your fellow riders. It will help pass the time and help you to ride farther (and you will meet some great people). Remember, Chamois Butter is your friend.


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BILL60's Photo Posts: 171,954
5/2/12 7:01 A

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Your fitness will get you through it, but you are going to hurt because of the lack of preparation. The very best to you on both your marathon and your Tour.

"Excellence is but for the few."

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DDOORN's Photo Posts: 23,075
5/1/12 4:33 P

Community Team Member

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Just get in some easy miles to prepare. If you haven't ridden much you might find your "backside" a bit tender without breaking it in with some easy miles. Fitness-wise you sound ready to rock & roll this event! Have a blast and let us know how it goes! :-)


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GLADGAD's Photo SparkPoints: (35,022)
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Posts: 5,539
5/1/12 11:39 A

GLADGAD's SparkPage
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It sounds to me like you're in pretty good shape. Your runnning will certainly take you through the cycling, as I discovered for myself last year. I increased my average mph speed in a sprint triathlon by over 2 mph over a 10 mile distance simply training for a marathon. I think I got on the bike maybe a half dozen times before the tri and was shocked by how easy it felt during the race compared to previous races!

On top of your marathon training, you have done lots of spinning, which counts toward developing cycling muscles and endurance.

One thing I would like to mention is that you are 2 weeks away from your marathon, so don't go too crazy cycling. You want to save some of your legs for your race. My advice would be to take the 2 days of cycling on the easier side, and make sure you rest and recover well after the cycling event.

Good luck to you on both!


"God gave you your body as a gift, so you should take care of it." - My Mom

AMOHAME2's Photo Posts: 1,553
5/1/12 11:20 A

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Hi team! So I went a little nutso a few months ago and registered for my first bike tour: 2 days, 177km each day. It's on the weekend of June 9th, so coming up very quickly and I have no idea how to train for this, or how much is adequate!!

A little background: I'm in pretty good shape, have been spinning 1-2 times a week for about 4 years, and have been running on average 35km per week for the past 2 years. I'm training for my second marathon, which is 2 weeks before my bike tour. I got my road bike late last fall, so have only been on it about 10 times with my longest ride to date 42km. I plan on getting out on increasingly longer rides once or twice a week for the next few weeks, but it's tough to balance with my work schedule and my long runs on Sunday mornings.

So my question is this: how important is it for me to get in the cycling mileage before the tour? Is it a case of "if I can ride 100km, I can ride 177km"? As far as endurance and fitness go, is my running and once-a-week cycling going to be enough to get me through this tour? I'm not in it to win it, or even to go hard, since I will still be recovering from the marathon. All I want is to be capable of finishing!!


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