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I think a sports medicine physician in conjunction with PT makes a lot of sense.

Also as you mention the higher gears, trying to kick it down a notch or two might be an idea to try and see if you notice a difference.


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Giant Steps, You may have a point. I'll certainly check cleat placement and the other issues you mentioned, but when you asked about grinding gears I thought, "Yes, I do that". I have a tendency to ride in a high gear with a lower cadence instead of spinning a low gear. And being a fairly new rider and casual rider I've probably only logged maybe 800 miles or so. I'll check all the possible culprits, but it could be as simple as an overuse problem.
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11/1/11 12:09 P

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Thanks. I am trying to find a good free couple of hours to get a bike fitting done, and that may well indeed fix the issue. I suspect it's a minor problem that has somehow been exaggerated by the motion of cycling but is only noticed when running. My knees don't bother me when I ride. I'll ask when I do the fitting, and see what other advice I can find from local triathletes.

My running shoes were recommended after a gait analysis and fitted at a specialty running store, and the same model has served me well for a long time. It's only since I started cycling that the running pain began. If there's not some connection between the two, it's a heckuva coincidence.
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Do you use cycling cleats? If so knee pain can be caused by maladjusted cleats. The general rule is that pain on the outside of the knee is caused by the cleats adjusted so your feet are too pigeon toed or not duck footed enough. To check this you can go to a bike shop that has the RAD or Rotational Adjustment Device. This allows them to quickly and accurately adjust your cleats. Another possibility is that your cranks are too narrow (too low Q as cyclists tend to say). Most cyclists benefit from narrower cranks but there are a few who need their feet wider apart. One very informal test I found helpful is to see what your knees are doing as you pedal. If your knees go straight up and down like pistons that is a good thing. If your knees rock in and out while turning the crank making a circle than that is bad and something is wrong with your setup. The problem with this test is that when you think about pedaling you will pedal differently.. Better to ask another cyclist to visually check during a ride.
Are you grinding too big (high) a gear? Many cyclists have to ride in lower gears and spin their feet faster to avoid over-stressing their knees. You may simply be pushing your knees to do something they aren't ready for. Most coaches recommend cyclists put in 1,000 base miles of easy low gear riding before attempting harder efforts like intervals, sprints, or hard hill climbing. The base miles allow the knee to become accustomed to the cycling range of motion before being pushed hard.

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Good advise. The gait analysis and shoe recommendations really helped my hubby with his running. Also, get some PT help with strengthening the tiny muscles that support the knee. They are small movements and you may not think they are helping much, but they will.


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11/1/11 11:50 A

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When you have pain something is wrong. Pain outside of knees! Look it up on the internet. I can tell you but it's better if you do the looking. This goes back to a fitting on the bike, line of force, from the foot to the hip all aligned.

This maybe an overuse injury from having something out of alignment and now you body can no longer recover. There are resources, I've seen them all. Running orthos, gate analysis, cycling orthos, fitting, custom adjustments etc... Then the exercises to strengthen all the parts that might be causing the pain.

Any ideas, start with a running store and them might give you a free gate analysis. Talk to some seasoned triathletes they deal with this all the time. Sports med Dr. Trainer.

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11/1/11 11:09 A

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Since I started cycling earlier this year, I very rarely run. Running was rough on my knees, which is the main reason I turned to cycling. What's odd to me is that, on the few occasions when I do still run, I get an unusual pain that I never had before, even when I ran daily. I may be way off base, but I can't help but wonder if it's somehow related to the different muscle groups that I've developed from cycling that may be in opposition to running?

Running is bearable, but immediately afterwards the outer side of both knees begins to hurt, to the point that I can hardly climb stairs without wincing in pain. It's not a next day muscle soreness, but a pain that starts as soon as I finish running. I wish I could explain it better, but all I know is that it's a pain in a spot that never occurred when I was only running. Any ideas? Have any of you cyclists who run ever had anything like this happen? I don't run often so it's not a big problem, but it's puzzling.

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