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8/2/11 3:10 P

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Nice! Glad you decided against the backpack idea. With a trailer you can go anywhere. Still, you tend to fill any space you have, so just think about whether or not you really need that extra whatever stuck in there. It is really easy to overpack.

For an overnight camp I would take: tent, sleeping bag, thermarest matress, a change of clothes, a towel, and if I was planning to cook, a backpack stove and backpack pans. I would probably splurge and take a pair of sandals too, since my feet really don't like being in bike shoes when off the bike. I take a mesh bag and stuff it with my clothes for a pillow.

Good luck & let us know how it goes!

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8/2/11 2:14 P

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Went out on a 34 mile ride yesterday... did a lot of thinking about camping, came home, did a little research online, went out and bought my brand new B.O.B. Yak bike trailer.

I am sooooo in love with this amazing addition to my life. Even though I was pretty spent from my morning ride I couldn't help but go out on a 5 mile "show off" ride with my yak. In two weeks we are taking it on the SS Badger to cross Lake Michigan and do a little camping at on the dunes on the Michigan side.

Thanks so much for turning me onto BOB trailers!!! I have a feeling this is one of those life-changing purchases! :: Kermit Flail ! ::

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7/5/11 8:47 P

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I attempted camping with only backpacks and it wasn't enjoyable, because I wasn't able to pack everything and it was uncomfortable being bent over with the weight on my back. I use a trailer myself and nothing else. I found my BOB Ibex trailer to handle these adventures much better than the pack or panniers.

CAROLYN1ALASKA's Photo Posts: 10,700
7/5/11 4:52 P

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I have done three 3 week tours across Oregon camping as we went.
We carried a light weight back-packing tent for 2, light weight sleeping bags, a tarp, a very light weight backpacking stove, one change of clothes, rain gear... etc., etc.
We did stay in a motel one night during an electrical storm and frequently ate "out" to lighten our food load. (Carried breakfast, snacks, and 1 or 2 freeze dried dinners.
We put panniers on our bikes which handled the loads pretty well. The weight made climbing over McKenzie Pass, Willamette Pass, Santiam Pass, and the Crater lake area difficult and slow, but the beauty made it totally worth doing.
Sounds like your camping trip will be short, so you can probably get away with less gear and it could be heavier. You might not want to buy new gear until you know if you like bike camping.

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7/5/11 12:36 P

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I don't have much advice to offer, except pack light. emoticon I would love to hear how it goes. I've been bike touring for quite a few years--trips of about a week, but we stay at hotels and carry everything in panniers. Bike camping is on my bucket list and I've started to buy some special gear to make it easier--like an ultra light pad and a camp stove. Next on my shopping list is an ultra light tent and sleeping bag.

My friends do mock bike camping--they drive to the campsite, set up, and then take off biking using the campsite as their base. Not quite the same adventure as carrying it all with you.

7 miles sounds do-able by backpack. Do you have racks on your bike? Panniers really make it nice--can you borrow some? There are also instructions on the web for making your own--they don't have to be anything fancy.

Good luck to you. Sounds like a lot of fun.

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DANCINGGARDENER's Photo Posts: 448
7/5/11 11:43 A

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This year's goal is to go camping on my bike. At least once.

Here in up-nort Wisconsin, I live within 30 miles of several county camp grounds and a state campground... all with their own charms and quirks. Now that I am back from a couple illnesses I am back to my "70 or so miles a week" biking habits. This summer I have been trying to put a swim in the middle of my bike rides. I can bike the 7-15 miles (depending on which county park I visit), swim a bit and maybe have a light snacky-rest, and then bike back. My daughter is actually an assistant manager of one of them so it is fun to mix in a visit as well.

But now Man-of-my-dreams and I are talking about riding out to one of these parks and actually staying a night or two. I've car camped my entire life and have the equipment for walk-in sites but not necessarily "back packing" - our 3 man tent is small but it's not cut-the-handle-off-your-toothbrush small. The closest park is only 7 miles of pretty fairly flat farm land... we don't own a trailer or panniers. I wonder how much we could actually carry in back packs while we ride?

Anyone have advice or tales of daring do?

Life has no remote... get up and change it yourself!

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